Choosing the Right Blogging Platform

We don’t have time to waste with you.  There is really one solution out there for bloggers in our opinion, WordPress.  Out of the box, WordPress is the best solution bar-none.  You can easily have a great-looking WordPress site online within a few minutes if you know what you’re doing.

There are two options to WordPress.  One, is the free option.  The other is the host it yourself.  You can check out how to start a blog for free but this post is going to talk about setting up a real, professional blog.


Free Blogging Platforms

For those of you out there that aren’t quite sold on the blogging idea, it may be time for you to test the waters with a free blogging solution.  While we don’t recommend any serious bloggers starting out with free solutions, for those of you who aren’t quite sure if you want to do it or not, it won’t cost you anything but time with these free blogging platforms.


Why Should You Start a Blog?

There are several reasons why someone should start a blog.  Professionals need to start a blog to give themselves an online reference for others to see their work, ideas, and ambition.  Stay-at-home moms need to start a blog to give them an outlet, something to pour their creativity into.  Businesses need to start a blog to help promote and market their products and services.  Ministries and churches need to start a blog to reach out to their communities with their passion and message.

No matter what field you are in you are missing a great opportunity if you don’t have a blog.


Best Blogging Advice Ever: Just Do It!

Human beings are a funny lot.  They have a tendency to use the words, “some day,” way too often.  As a matter of fact a lot of wishes have gone unfulfilled simply for a lack of effort or fear of trying.

I have talked to a lot of people about blogging over the last couple years.  Some already have a blog that they update at least twice a year.  They still call in a blog.  Some say they are thinking about blogging.  Some say they would like to blog.  Some say they are going to start one, some day.

All of them see the potential in blogging.  Very few actually put the effort into creating a successful blog.

Blogging isn’t hard.  It’s just time-consuming.  There is a learning curve.  There are things you have to know and hoops you have to jump through before it really starts clicking with you.

I have been messing around with website since I was 14 years old.  I thought I had a firm grasp of the internet, until I got serious about blogging for money.  Then I realized there is a whole lot I didn’t understand and even more I had no concept of whatsoever.

So I started reading. I researched.  And then I started a blog.  I got a few readers, and then got distracted by life and forgot about it.  I’m sure that first blog of mine is out there somewhere.  I just can’t remember what it was called or where it was hosted.

I read some more.  Saw some people who were being successful and deep down wished I could do the same.  But I was busy with life, and with ministry.  So I started a few more blogs and a couple of internet stores.  Made a little bit of money but, again, was too busy to stick with it.