Finding the Best Topics You Should Write About On Your Blog

Coming up with topics you can write about on your blog isn’t always easy. Sometimes we have a lot to talk about, and a ton of ideas to write about. But then, there are also the times where nothing comes to mind.

There is a way to brainstorm amazing topics that you can write about, and your audience will love. These topics will also increase your search engine traffic if you do it right. Let’s talk about how to come up with the topics your readers will want to read!

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Who Should Manage Your Church Website?

When it comes to maintaining an effective church website, the most common excuse is, “I don’t have time.” I’ve heard that excuse from both big and small churches, both full-time and bi-vocational pastors.

Trust me, I’m a church planter; I understand the limits of time.

But time isn’t why a lot of church websites are a waste of cyberspace. More often than not, it’s the volunteer who has been assigned the task of managing the church website.

Pastors make the mistake of thinking “techy” people are the perfect match for managing a website. The reality is, the skill sets don’t match up. It takes more than “computer knowledge” to make a website effective. And, a lot of the time, it’s that “computer knowledge” that gets in the way.


The 5 Best and Free Graphics Tools for Bloggers

If you’re going to be a serious blogger, you’ll have to learn how to manage and manipulate photos. Getting emotionally-charged photos and graphics into your blog is almost a necessity.

It makes a huge impact.

So huge in fact that I don’t recommend starting a blog without some method of editing graphics. That’s why I’m writing this post. There are many tools popping up that make editing graphics simple, even simpler than Photoshop could hope to be.

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Blogging for Ministry: How to Write for a Blog

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The main thing about blogging is that it brings a lot of benefits. It brings a reputation of expertise on your subject matter, for me a lot of people look up to me–I get emails from people wanting to know about church marketing and it all stems from me doing Church Reach University.

To people who read and watch my stuff I am appearing as an expert in the church marketing field. Now I do not know everything, but for people who are looking to market their church I know more than they do because it is what I do for a living. So I may not be an expert or a genius at anything, but for people who just need advice I am an expert in the subject matter.

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Blogging for Ministry: How to Setup a Blog

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Hello and welcome to this post from ChurchBait about blogging. We will talk a little bit about ideal blog content as well as some handy tips and tricks to ensure that you are blogging effectively. Before we go into it, a strong recommendation is that you use WordPress to host your blog. If you are serious about blogging, don’t use Blogger or any other platform, opt to use WordPress instead.

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A Complete Guide to Podcasting for Ministry Start-to-Finish

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In this lesson, I will create an entire podcast and will share my experiences from doing so. I have laid out the notes, which will help we stay on point. I will firstly welcome everybody to my podcast. where you can find the podcast and then the future expectations of the podcast. I will then get into my first segment, as this is the first episode I will talk about the basics. So I will explain what church reach university is, who I am, where I work and things like that. The next segment will be an interview with Brittani, my wife. My last segment which will be segment three, I am going to talk about SEO for churches, and then I will conclude my podcast. This is just my personal plan, yours will be different depending on your topic.

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The 10 Best Practices of Podcasting for Ministry

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Hello, welcome everybody to another ChurchBait tutoeial. In this lesson, I am going to discuss the professional recordings, which I purchased for only $20 and then I will go into some best practices for your podcast.

The next lesson following this will be discussing the complete process of producing a podcast.

The Radiodaddy submission is something that I did earlier, which I talked about in this post about intros and stingers. I posted a submission asking for an exciting, dynamic recording with cool effects.

I got a couple of submissions. One from Paul Productions and the other was from SoundsFamilar. SoundsFamilar’s recordings were okay, but I didn’t really like them. They ended up sounding really broadcast like, which I didn’t really want. So I decided to go with Paul Productions, as they sounded really good and professional and for $20 it was a good investment.

Next week we will actually show you how to add intros, stingers and outros to your podcast.

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Podcasting for Church: Voice Overs, Intros, and Show Notes

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Hello, everybody and welcome back to the second lesson in podcasting. We are going to talk about two things, getting a professional introduction–a stinger–and an outro, which will make your podcast sound a lot more professional. We will talk about how to organize your show and we will finish up by talking about how to catch audio of someone you are interviewing, either through Skype or the phone. It makes for a very interesting podcast when there is actually a dialogue between people.

So let’s get into it. So when we are doing a podcast it is not simply making a recording. A lot of churches record a sermon, upload it to iTunes and call it a podcast, and that is fine but it is more in the genre of being a categorically filed sermon. A podcast in reality is more like a radio show. It is something you creatively produce, a full show, not just the recording of a sermon.

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Podcasting for Church: Podcasting Equipment

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This week we will be talking about podcasting equipment. Because these lessons are made for podcasts novices, I am going to start from the beginning so in this lesson I will walk you through some of the equipment that I use.

But before we go into this, I want to advise everyone to get started podcasting. Do not wait until you have drowned yourself in theory. Start podcasting and learn as you go!

If you wait too long, you properly will never get started. So I advise you to jot down some quick notes, make a plan and record your podcast, whether it’s about Bible study, talking about some content or leadership principles and make your show. Make sure you have things down to a point, everything you need to know in front of you and then start recording.