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How To Start Relationship Building in All Of Your Outreach Programs

If you’re like most of us, all of your outreach efforts, programs, advertisements, and flyers have one purpose in mind: To get people to visit your church, event, or Bible study.

But consider that proposition from the place of the stranger you just handed the invite card to…

They don’t know you. They’ve never seen you before.

Every now and then, you get someone who is ready from that point to seek out the church. But it’s rare. Most people throw the flyer away, or lay it down never to look at it again.


Because they just aren’t ready to make such a commitment. But, we can help them to be ready!

Relationship Building and Church Outreach

It doesn’t mean they would never be ready… It also doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in your church.

All it means is, they have no relationship with you – so there is no reason to visit your church.

But what if we could strategically start building a relationship with everyone, even the anonymous people who visit your website?

Watch the video to learn more.


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