Ideas for Creative Blog Names: How to Come Up With a Good Title

Updated Oct, 2016: Check out a tutorial on how to setup a WordPress blog for the first time.Coming up with a creative name for your blog is a challenge.  Many times, the name you come up with can impact your marketability, or lack thereof.  Even if you have a great idea for a blog, not having a catchy, memorable name can be a deal breaker with readers.

Think of your blog name as the first impression to your readers. Crazy and unique blog names like “the onion,” can give suspense and pique a reader’s curiosity.  A blog name that goes straight for the desired keyword isn’t necessarily a bad name.  It just depends on what you want your blogging persona to be.

If you’re going for the academic, straight to the point type of blog, you may settle for a name that isn’t quite as creative.  If you’re wanting to carve out an identity for yourself along with a successful blog, coming up with a creative name is the right choice.

Ideas For Creative Blog Names

If you’re going to write about music, life, fashion, or anything else you’re passionate about, having a creative blog name that identifies you is important. However, if you’re going to write about a tiny niche, you don’t have to be too creative.  You are limited to a very small focus on your post content and, more than likely, are focused on a micro niche of keywords.  You want to find people who are looking for information on drill bit sharpeners, period.

You could use a creative blog name like “” or somewhat, but you’re really not helping out your micro niche blog by going for a broad focus with the domain name, and narrow with the niche.  Using a domain name like could be much more effective.

But if you broaden your focus a little bit, you could focus on all kinds of products and issues.  In this case, you couldn’t nail down every niche with one name.  You would have to then find a creative name to cover the broader niche.

For some people who are in it for the money, keeping their focus narrow and hammering away at one or two keywords is their goal.  They want to make the first page of google for those keywords and, ideally, make money from the traffic that would generate.

For bloggers that want to blog their passions as well as make money from it, such a narrow niche is not ideal.  It’s these types of blogs that are in need of names that are more creative.

Coming Up With Blog Title Ideas

It’s easier for some people, and more difficult for those of you who are like me.  I think of myself as creative, but when it comes to naming things, I balk.  You should ask my wife when I am trying to think of names for a novel.  It’s a train wreck.

You may need to look around for a while to find inspiration for your creative blog name.

I was creating a website design business a few years ago.  I wanted to key in on the word “imagine” since I had a really cool plaque with that word on it.  My search led me through imagine, imagination, imagineering, to finally my epiphany, “imaginate.”  So I bought the domain name,

When I told my friend about my wonderful discovery he kind of gave a polite smile and said, “yeah, that’s great.”  This kind of worried me because I was thinking it was a great idea.  Then, the light turned on.  “Imaginate” wasn’t a word.  It wasn’t “the act of imagining” that I thought it was.

I knew all along it wasn’t a word, but my brain blocked it for some reason.  Then I felt really dumb, and was out the $13 I had spent on the domain.

Inventing creative names is difficult even for creative people.

So how do we find them?

Keep Your Niche In Mind When Picking a Name

Remember, your blog name still needs to be identifiable with your niche, no matter how broad or narrow.  There needs to be an association between your brand, and what your brand stands for.

On one hand, we have a broad-focused, humorous news source, call the onion.  This is a well-backed, heavily sources blog. Although the word onion has little to do with the niche itself, the niche of comedy lends itself to awkward and far-fetched names.  If  your blog was a comedy blog about juggling, might be a good name but might even be better and more memorable.

On the other hand, we have a blog like Arrowhead Pride. It’s a fan blog about the Kansas City Chiefs, and a great success story.  The name references the Chiefs’ logo as well as their stadium name, Arrowhead.  The pride references the proud fan-base. The creative blog name is also easily identifiable to its demographic, even when they have never visited the site before. started as a fan blog by Chris and Joel Thorman.  From there, they built a network of blogs.  Now, their blog network is one of the largest sports blog networks on the net, and both Thorman brothers have carved out a handsome career from what was only a hobby.

Try To Be Unqiue With Your Blog Title

My wife’s blog for DIY home projects is a creative blog name that takes the idea of home improvement a bit farther than the hardware store niche.  She wanted to find some creative blog names to make sure her blog made an impression on people, rather than being just another site.

She came up with the idea that, doing projects for your home help turn it from just a simple house, into a home that you love.  She eventually settled on the name, House to Home Blog, abbreviated to

If we had it to do over again, we would have went with the longer, spelled out name for search engine optimization.  But, back then, we still were a little ignorant of the small things you can do to optimize your website and blog.

One of my wife’s favorite blogs to follow was Three Men and a Lady.  However, when the lady had a new baby boy, she had to rename her blog to 4 Men, 1 Lady.  Their blog is also about home projects but focuses all the project ideas through the eyes of a mom with 3 boys and a husband.

When it comes to mommy blogs, names like hers is a good idea.  There are so many mommy blogs around the internet that the marketing goes beyond keywords and into impacting content.

If your blog name is going to be set apart from your focused niche, your content and social marketing have to be the traffic driving factor.  This is where Guest Blogging can also help your blog marketing efforts.

Keep Your Blog Name as Short as Possible

Don’t build a domain name that is long and drawn out, unless you have picked an awesome Exact Match Domain Name. Try to keep it as short as possible.

You don’t want a domain name that is like, “”  Just think if your name was Penelope, your e-mail address could potentially be [email protected]   I get tired just thinking of telling people that address over the phone.

Instead, an alternative could be, “”

Use Search-Friendly Keywords If Possible

If you really want to drive traffic to your blog faster, pick a name that has a keyword that people are searching for. would be a good example, because it’s a blog about fashion, and a lot of people will be searching for “Fashion Blogs,” etc.

If you’re unsure of keyword research, or how to use it to pick a great creative name for your blog, read this post.

Believing In Your New Blog Name

Get used to the feeling of coming up with a great blog name and finding out it’s already taken.  Always try to keep your blogs on .com or .net domains, unless you have a good cause and then .org is also a good one to search engines.

Whatever domain name you come up with make sure it is able to fall under these three guidelines:

1. Short and To the Point

2. Identifiable With You and Your Niche

3. Easy to Remember

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    1. That’s a pretty broad focus to try and come up with a name that symbolizes all of those at once. You may want to go with a name that identifies you and then work on making all of those things synonymous with you.

    2. How about “13yearsold”?

      1. I’m not sure what you mean. Thanks for commenting.

      2. This article is a year old, and I usually read comments on things after reading the article to see if there’s anymore information in them… I understood this one, and it was a lovely laugh/break from just reading. xD

        1. Thanks Liz!

          1. Oh my word… almost a month later I get the joke!

          2. XD And it’s still funny.

            I had to read it a few times this time around to get it, though.

            (And this is 9 months later, but someone was visiting my site from this page, so I got curious on how/why.)

          3. I just realised too after re-red it for about 5 times!

      3. I laughed……LOLOLOLOLLOLO

    3. A good idea would probably be something that relates to one direction. Like a lot of directioners use a shipname or something of the sorts… like Harry’s Closet –relates to fashion and one direction or Niall’s kitty — 1D and Cats…story of my life X)

    4. Hi I know this post is a bit old and I probably won’t get a reply but it’s worth a go I’m starting a blog about what’s how my on in my life and if there’s any problems I’m having so so its kind of like a dairy sort of but its really hard to find a name

    5. So… What name did you eventually go with?

  2. This is a great post, thank you for your insight! Still brainstorming blog names. Had a few great ideas but some of them were either already taken or the name would’ve been too specific to the blog’s content and since it is more of an everyday, insightful, yet lighthearted blog (yep, I’m a wife & mom who enjoys writing and being creative like almost every other mom, lol!) I need a name that is a bit broader yet definable to me! 🙂 If that makes sense!

    1. Coming up with the right name is one of the most difficult parts of starting a blog. Or anything really. If you can’t choose a name that embodies what you’re going to write about, which usually happens when you have a broad range of subjects, the name will have to be more of a branding name. In other words, it’s associated with you after you build your personal brand. There’s one blogger that my wife loves and her name is because her and her husband have three sons.

      That has become her personal brand and she is very recognized by that. It has nothing to do with her subject matter but it’s a brand. If you’re going to have a mom-blog that talks about your life as well as your passions and whatever else you want to write about, branding yourself with your blog becomes the focus.

      Thanks for leaving a comment! Let me know when you get your blog going I would love to read it!

  3. How do you feel about using your name in your blog name? Like, does it sound pretentious or too general or anything? So, since mine is Lisa some examples would be or or What do you think?

    1. Hey lisa. That is definitely a popular choice among bloggers. It gives you a brandable name while also identifying you in the brand. I’m not sure what you’re going to choose to brand yourself with but one idea I really like is getting an artist to make caricatures of you and use them in your site design and logo. It becomes your brand. You can find people to make caricatures for $5 a pop on Let me know what name you choose, I would love to check out your blog.

  4. Me and my older sister want to make a blog or vlog, whatever we’re deciding on. Only problem is, we don’t have a name. We were hoping to do things like cosplay, give advice, also some pretty random and funny videos. Any advice?

    1. Hi Savannah,

      I’m not too familiar with cosplay. My advice is to think of how you want to “brand” yourselves. There’s a popular Youtube channel right now called Blimey Cow. It’s 2 brothers and one of the brother’s wives who have been making funny videos since they were really young. I’m not sure why they call themselves “blimey cow” but it’s a popular brand now as they are very popular.

      If you guys are serious about doing this long-term, a brand name that comes to identify you two and what you do could be the way to do. If you’re just looking to have fun and not sure what the future holds, you might start with something that identifies what you’re talking about, like “” or something.

      Hope this helps.

  5. Hi, i was wondering if i could get a little help with a name…i am a 21 year old college freshman who likes to try new thing (box subscriptions, hair ideas, recipes) any help would be great…

    1. Hi. I’m not real sure what kind of name I would go with. I would think the best bet would be to think of a creative name that includes your name. If your name is available as a .com, I would grab it and use that as my blog title.

  6. Hi Ryan, I started a blog a couple days ago and have been having trouble with coming up with a name. On my blog, I talk about my day, post pictures, I have a page that reports the news, I am starting an advice column on design, fashion and especially horses. I have also been considering putting up recipes. I would like a name that is outside of the box and random but still says something about my blog. If you have any ideas I would LOVE to hear them.

    1. Hi Emma,

      That’s an interesting problem that I’m seeing a lot of new bloggers deal with. You have a lot of different topics you want to cover but are struggling to find a name that embodies all of them at once. I would say that the answer lies in branding around an abstract idea or entity. I’m going to think about this for a while, and I might even write a blog post about it.

      My knee-jerk reaction would be to name your blog something that deals with and identifies with you. It might not be your name but it would be something that becomes synonymous with you, like a childhood nickname or something like that. If you brand a blog around you as an identifiable person, you can approach a ton of subjects without harming the focus and expectation of your readers.

      If I get around to writing a post on this subject I’ll send you an email.

    2. Oh! By the way. Right from the start, don’t make your blog on anything else. Go to if you want free, or see How to Setup Your Blog to host your own WordPress install. You will regret it later if you fail to use WordPress. Take my word for it 🙂

      1. Thanks! Your post is informative. I am starting a blog on wordpress tonight. I want to blog about hair extensions. I want to get a following and eventually an e commerce site. I consider myself an expert on the subject. So I need that reflected in my blog name. I’m thinking words like: prolific, astute, seasoned, primed, polished, cultivated, diligent, hair brained, savvy. The two words, hair extentionist is so long. Any ideas??

        1. HairBrained is a great name! lol

  7. is it or does it matter if it is capital?

    1. Hi Emma,

      That was just me typing fast. The caps don’t really matter. The web address for WordPress is for the free version and for the version you can host yourself.

  8. Haha, I just made a new blog, it’s called dreaming-in-morse-code 🙂

    1. Interesting name.

  9. Hi,
    Thank you for writing this article! I really enjoyed it.
    I have been thinking about starting a blog for a few months now. But i’m having a slightly problem with the name. Not that I don’t have the inspiration for finding one, but the problem is that I’m coming from holland & I want to write an english blog. And I’m not quite sure how people would react on my name. Because they may be interpret it different then I do.

    I want to write about my life, recipes, things I do, love. And try to improve me English. So I was thinking about something with my name and simply or just in front of it. Like JustKarlijn or SimplyKarlijn. But I’m not really sure if that would be a right choice. Maybe you have any advice for me

    1. Karlijn, that’s great news! I always love it when someone wants to dive into the blogging world. As for your blog name, I think using your name like that is perfectly fine and doesn’t confuse anyone based on culture. The word “simply” is often used in that context like “simply fantastic” means the epitome of fantastic.

      Here’s some more ideas:

      I hope this helps!

      1. Hi,
        Thank you so much for helping me out. I have chosen SimplyKarlijn, just because it was the first thing I came up with. And if you google it, there aren´t any hits. So people can easily find me 🙂

        1. Cool! Let me know when you get the blog up I would love to check it out.

          1. Hi,

            Another thank you for helping me!
            I had been struggling for writing a post, but I think I’m now getting the right spirit!
            I would love to hear your opinion about it.


          2. Sure Karlijn! I’ll take a look!

  10. Hi:) I have been sitting here for several hours trying to think of a great blog name. After reading your article, I have more understanding on what I should not name it. I wanted to see if maybe you could give me a hand. I want to do a blog that covers a lot of different things. Things I find on pintrest, aromatherapy, celeb gossip, news, fashion etc. Basically just anything that catches my eye or interest. Any help would be appreciated.


    1. Thanks for the comment Sheryl! Blogs that are personal in nature should be named as such. For instance, the subjects you mentioned are completely unrelated, aromatherapy has nothing to do with celeb gossip. Finding a name that encompasses that wide of a subject area is impossible. In this case, the common thread with all of these subjects is “things that catch my eye.” So the name of the blog should center around the person who’s interested in all of these subjects, you.

      So your perfect blog name is going to be focused on you and things you like. You could try going with your name, or a nickname. Or you could try and tie in “these are the things I like.” You could go with abstract like “” or you could go with direct “” Or just (including your last name, of course.)

  11. My sister wants to start a photography blog. Her name is Danielle Kristen Williams and she wants her name to be incooperated somehow.. any ideas?

  12. Hi there 🙂
    After staring at my computer screen for hours to find inspiration for a good blog name I think I finally found some great ones. Mostly thanks to your article.
    My blog should be about beauty, lifestyle and basically what catches my interests. I would like to know which one you would choose.
    – Beauty Drums
    – Butterfly Panics
    – The Story of Beauty
    – Lisa’s Disasters
    – Following Lisa
    The last one actually is my favorite, but I don’t know if it’s great. Maybe you even have some better ideas. I would love to hear your opinion.


    1. Following Lisa is actually quite a good name. I don’t think Lisa’s Disasters speaks that they should come to your blog for beauty or lifestyle advice. Rather, I would choose that name if the blog was a collection of embarrassing stories. Following Lisa allows you to have a focus (beauty and lifestyle) and build a brand around that, but it also gives you the freedom to write things on a whim about whatever you want.

      I think that’s a good choice but it’s ultimately up to you. 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  13. Can you help me with a blog name?
    You see im making a blog for some kind of school project..
    I wanted a name that describe me and one of my favorite movies which is Alice in Wonder Land…Im thinking of :
    I’m also looking for some more idea..Please help…

    1. Hi Andrea,

      That’s an interesting blog idea. I wouldn’t go with MadHatterTeaParty simply because it may be confused with a political blog. I love the idea of AndreaInWonderland and WelcometoWonderland. Some more ideas could be like:


      I would be interested in reading this when you get it started so share the link when you decide!

  14. This post has been a pleasure to read, it’s clear and simple. I’m having a problem coming up with a ‘replacement’ name for my blog as it has the unwieldy title of, basically a blog for ‘older’ lovers of music. I’ve decided to ditch the reference to age and just find a music title, but everything I think of is taken Can you inspire me to find a new way of looking at titles as I’m having no luck!

    1. Olivia, thanks for commenting. I’m not sure the connection to Festivalsfood has with music. What kind of music do you write about?

  15. Hi,
    great post, it really gave me a new perspective. I’ve been thinking about the name for my blog for two days, and after I read your post I came up with new ideas. My blog will be mostly lifestyle blog, I’ll write about books, movies, music, things that inspire me, daily things and other from my personal perspective. I’ll also post a lot of photos, because that’s my main hobby. And beside this artistic side of me, I’m also deeply immersed in physics, math and electrical engineering. So I really need a name which will became my trademark on internet. I’m thinking of:
    SparkyPhotoN (or something similar because of photography, and photon is a term that I use a lot in physics, those are my favorites)

    Can you please help me, I am not a native speaker so I don’t know how naturally this sounds?

    1. I really like ParisianSparkle. However, I’m not sure where Spark/Sparky/Sparkle are connected to Photography. You may want to go with flash rather than sparkle. Maybe PhotonFlash?

      Thanks for the comment!

  16. Hi,

    Wonderful post, thank you. I already have a blog I created when I was abroad on exchange and didn’t think that much about the name cause I just wanted to start writing. Now I’ve been thinking about renaming my blog. Fashion and style are my ultimate passions but I also love movies and traveling and working out and I also write about my everyday life so I would like a name that says all that. I have a few ideas but I’m looking for other suggestions too

    Vogue of Style
    Passion for Fashion
    My Style Files
    Eternal Love for Fashion
    Bona fide (or alterantively true) style
    Style is eternal
    Life and Style
    Little Luxuries in Life
    Fashion Notice
    (My) Fashion Diaries

    I feel like I have quite a few readers but still I get very few comments. How do I get more readers (and Facebook likes) and people commenting more and showing they are interested or am I just boring somehow? :/ Changing the blog name would mean changing the Facebook page name also. I somehow feel my blog name is boring or maybe I’m wrong. Could you check out my blog and give some tips? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Minttu,

      Thanks for the comment. I don’t think the name you have now is too confusing. is kind of neat but it doesn’t identify with your name at all. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but having your name in it makes it easier to brand as a personal blog.

      I took a look at your blog and I don’t think it’s boring at all. I like the way you include tons of pictures. The only suggestions I would have is telling more of the story. Most of your posts are one paragraph with a lot of pictures. I would work on telling the story a little better and trying to start a conversation. You can even ask questions at the end to get more comments.

      1. Thanks, I’ve done the question thing and writing more but still the amount of comments is next to nothing. Why is no one commenting? 🙁 I’ve seen sooooo many similar blogs and people actively comment. I’ve also tried posting my blog link as a comment in other blogs, sharing it on my tumblr and twitter. I was thinking about changing the name so it would reach more people as my name isn’t international at all. this post surely has a lot of story and pics into it 🙂 don’t you think? 😉 I’ve also noticed that my outfit posts get read the most.

  17. Hi,
    I’m making a new blog from scratch. I was trying to get an idea of how to think of a name for my blog, and I came across yours and it’s really helpful. Thank you. Im a very creative person and I think also broad minded. Lol. I want to be a fashion designer, so I obviously like fashion. I can sew, I do my own nail art, I love dancing, watching movies, listening to music, sports cars, basketball and reading books. The last book I read was 50 shades of grey and I thought of an idea. Since I turned 21 two months ago and that age is considered to be important, I was thinking of naming my blog ’21 Shades of Ash’ or ‘…..of Ashley’ , to show my different interests and talents in life. What do you think?

    1. Ashley, ShadesofAsh might be a better choice. You may be 21 now but if you keep blogging, the number 21 will get less and less relevant. I would go with ShadesofAsh or TheShadesofAsh.

  18. Hi my name is Eleanor. I am 19 and currently a cosmetologist in training and want to start a blog about beauty and lifestyle. I was considering making a YouTube channel but I thought this might be more simple and a good way to get started and hopefully discovered? I was thinking “EleanorDaily” ? I was wondering do pictures make a big difference in blog posts? like the quality of the pictures? can you make a living off of blogging? and also what is wordpress and is it completely necessary? I know im still young but im just trying to make myself known some how. ANY advice would be gladly appreciated! Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Eleanor,

      Let me try to answer your questions one at a time.

      1. YouTube is worth your time, make a channel, make good videos, it’s worth it.
      2. Pictures are a huge deal in blog posts. Pictures can make or break your appeal.
      3. You can make a living off of blogging, a really good one. You just have to stick with it, learn it like you would a career, and do it long enough to find success.
      4. WordPress is the Content Management System that this blog, and 72% of all websites are using. You can find more at or
      I would say WordPress is completely necessary for any serious blogger.
      5. The only advice I can give in this space is to keep reading my blog 🙂 Most of the content is geared towards beginner bloggers so there’s a lot of information to get you started.

  19. Ned suggestions for a food blog and a photography blog. want to make use of creativity and/ or pearl in it.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I don’t understand your question.

      1. What she is trying to say is that she needs name suggestion for a food and photography blog, also she wants ‘creativity’ and/or ‘pearl’ in it. 🙂

    2. ArtyPearls

  20. Hello,

    I came across your website and thought maybe you might be able to give me an idea of blog names. I am a working mother, married with a daughter who has special needs. I want my blog to focus on my daily life with my daughter and being married as well as the normal crafty life of a mother and wife. Any suggestions?


    1. Brooke, I still lean toward something that catches on with your name and make that your brand. That way all the subjects about you, though different, are still on target with your brand.

  21. I was trying to come up with a name for a blog. I’m new to blogging & I want to start one for my pen pal adventures/crafts that I have made for them. Any ideas?

    1. MandasAdventures? AdventuresofManda?

  22. I’m starting my own blog and having trouble picking a name. It is a Bible devotional blog with homeschooling, family, home, homemaking, etc. I would like to keep my Italian name Lucia. Can you give me some suggestions. Also, I need a blog address description can you help me with that? Where do I find victorian designs for free?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. With an eclectic group of subjects like that you need to name your blog with their common denominator, which in this case, is you. Name it around your name and then all the different subjects are still on topic.

  23. i named my blog “tales of a teenager” but i am not a teenager anymore and i would like to change it. i am the most uncreative person and cant think of another name 🙁

    1. I wouldn’t say that. Tales of a Teenager is pretty creative. Maybe go with Tales of a Former Teenager?

  24. I’m wanting to make a side blog for 2014 where I’ll take a picture a day.
    I already have a main blog on WordPress, so this will be a side project.
    Would something like “Aprile365” be eye catching? The trouble is finding something to convey that I’m taking a picture a day but not to be very long. Thank you for any advice you have!

    1. I like Aprile365 because it’s your name and it eludes to a daily subject. You may not need to communicate photos in your domain at all. You could try something like or or something like that.

  25. Hi Ryan,

    I just got engaged and wanted to start a blog about our wedding plans, but I can’t decide on a name for it. I want it to be something I can still use after we get married to talk about our newlywed lives, but I don’t want to use our names. Any suggestions?

    1. I would go with something like that if using your names is out.

  26. Looking for a good blog name for Chicago Sports. The blog will likely be focused around the bears, cubs and blackhawks, but will also add some top sports stories to write about.

    Any ideas…


  27. Hey Ryan –

    I am wanting to start a blog, typical all over the place subjects and wife and mom-to-be stuff. I love DIY stuff and trying new recipes so those are some topics, as well as daily life stuff. My husband and are I newly(ish) married and trying to start our family this year. Also my best friend and I are starting an Etsy store and would like to try to carry the blog name over to that for branding as well. I want to start blogging soon, but I am really stuck on this whole name thing.
    I have a few that I like but just can’t seem to nail it down.

    MounceHouse (Mounce is our last name)
    Simply Our Home
    A Search for Simple
    Pieces of Us

    I like these but I just don’t know that I love them.
    Any suggestions??

    1. I would say MounceHouse is your best bet out of those. The others are abstract with no direct meaning, and are probably taken when you search for domain names. Going with MounceHouse doesn’t mean there won’t be a connection in the content, it just means you have to build the brand with your readers and eventually they associate the name with your subject matter. (At one point if you told someone to “Google it” they would think you were insane.)

  28. Hi! I’m trying to find a name to my blog, i will post a lot of pictures. About fashion, life, a bit of everything. Can you help me?

    1. I thougt about Scrapbook or Stunning Mess .. What do you think?

  29. This article was really helpful, but still can’t think of a name for my photography blog. I like to take pictures of everything except people, but that doesn’t realy narow it down. Any ideas?


  30. First of all, I think this was an inspiring post, but since I am not the most creative person on eart I still don’t know a name for a new blog. The blog will be from my sister (Verena) and me, and we want to start a “lifeblog” a term a Dutch blogger shared with the world.
    It actually just means we want to write about the things we like and not one specific niche. I hope you can help us figuring out a name for our blog.

    1. Hey Viv!

      I know a lot of people with blogs like this. For instance, I have a blog that I write about whatever I want, and I use my name as the blog name. However, when combining two people, using your names may not be the easiest. You can try some kind of name-related blog name such as or However, something like that doesn’t mean anything to a new visitor who doesn’t know your names yet.

      A better approach may be to come up with a creative name for your collaboration, such as or, something like that. There’s a popular blogger my wife follows who named her blog “” because her and her husband have 3 boys. Since the blog is about her home and her life, it’s a perfect match.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Awesome post, i’m trying to start a blog too and I have the same problem. I’m from Brazil so, english names wouldn’t work very well. But I’m using your tips and I bet I’ll find a good name.

        Ps: ViVer is a great name, it means to live in portuguese.

  31. Hi Ryan, I’m new to the blogging world and having a huge problem with deciding on a name for my blog. My focus is on food and fashion. So getting a name using these two key aspects are really difficult and using my name doesn’t really fit in. Please help. I’d really appreciate it. Thank you 🙂

    1. Shanece, The good thing is that you’re actually giving it some thought. The bad news is that coming up with a name does take a lot of thought, at least to get a good one. A good place to start is on what kind of fashion, what kind of food. Is there a common theme you can weave between the two? If not, could you come up with an original name, perhaps related to your own name that would make a unique brand?

      I really wish I could give you more unique help but sometimes a great name is made, not chosen. So whatever name you come up with, the hard work is building it into a recognized brand.

  32. Hello Ryan,

    First off I think your post was amazing and very helpful. I have been thinking about going into blogging for quite sometime. I wanted to create a sort of personal blog where I talk about topics that affect me as well as talk about music, fashion, movies, games, sports, fitness, feeling beautiful in your own skin, etc. Somethings I know I can connect with my audience about. However, each time I think about names I get stuck seeing as naming things aren’t my forte. Do you have any ideas?


    Autumn Skye

    1. Wow Autumn, You have a lot of subjects there. My first idea is to just make your blog name associated with your own name, creating a personal brand. That way, you have one subject, which is the things you want to talk about. In this way, everything you talk about is relevant to the main subject, your likes. However, if you don’t want to go with the personal brand road, you can always narrow down the niche, and start a blog along the lines of only one or 2 subjects and exploring them deeply.

      Either way, the best method for success is to stop thinking about it, and just get started!

      1. I like the personal brand idea. I thought of a couple different ideas and I want your take on them.


        What do you think?

        1. I like the personal brand idea as well. However, I would keep your domain name as just the name, like Then, if you wanted to add the byline to it I recommend:

          • SimplyAutumnSky
          • Autumn Sky: This is my life!

          Something like that. Your logo could be your name, real prominent with the byline underneath it.

  33. Do you prefer wordpress over blogger by Google?

    1. Yes! But let me qualify. It should be a self-hosted WordPress. is better than Blogger, but it’s still a free service of which you don’t “own” your own content. When you blog on a free service like blogger or, you’re giving your content to them, and control at the same time. There are quite a few cases in which bloggers lost everything either from unwittingly breaking the TOS, or just a downright mistake. When you own your own blog, you control what happens to it. When you use a free service, you’re giving others power over your content and it’s success.

  34. Hello, the blog post was really helpful!!
    So my sister and I are going to be making a new blog together, and we are covering fashion, DIYs, & tips; and we need a blog name that has the key word “sisters”…so we were wondering if you could help us with a name?? 🙂 -K

    1. That’s a tough one. I automatically thought of but it was taken, obviously. Maybe something like the DressWellSisters or StichesAndSisters or the SticherSisters… I’m not much of a fashion-minded person so you got me. 🙂 Thanks for the comment. Let me know what you decide to use!

  35. Wonderful article that I truly enjoyed reading.
    I am currently trying to get a teaching/education blog underway but am stuck with name ideas.
    I would like to try and use the idea of the little i like apple does (ex: iteach) but can’t find anything that is creative and not already used.

    Any ideas??

    1. My opinion, stay away from using the little i. It’s been so over-used and it’s the best way to date yourself about 10 years ago. I would try to find something more teaching oriented or identifiably with you. Maybe something like or

  36. hey! i have thinking of writing a blog on lfe..what all people have to go through in life. im willing to share my experiences with life like family issues,breakups,depression,teenage phase of life,etc,etc. The problem here is i cannot think of a name though i have one suggestion “fifty shades of life”. Please suggest?

    1. fiftyshadesoflife is an interesting name, but I would make it satire so you stay away from the book. Like 49shadesoflife or 99shadesoflife, something like that. Another thought would be, if you’re not just going to talk about things people go through, but give advice on how to handle it… if that’s your goal you could go more for things like “life lessons.” Names like that could be something like- Lifetothefullest or lifes highway, roadoflife, liveyourlife,,… something like that.

  37. Hi!

    I’m a girl who struggles with a lot of things in life and I would love to share that with the world. I on one hand have a great life with friends, family and lots of experiences and interests. But on the other hand I struggle with an eating disorder, stress and the pressure of growing up. Like many other young girls out there. So therefore I was thinking about the name


    What do you think about that?
    Other ideas? Thank you! Much appreciated.

    1. That’s a great name for a blog, actually! Another one you may want to consider is “” or “” – I think your idea is as good as any alternative though. I would love to read it when you get it going, so let me know how it goes.

      1. Hi again,

        Thank you for your feedback! Decided on simplybeingyoung because it was the first thing that came to mind and it felt more me.

        Hope you like it and if you have any feedback good or bad I would love to read it.
        Thank you in advance

        1. Hi Tess,

          I checked out your blog. It looks great! I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I do!

          1. Hi Ryan

            For some reason I keep getting readers directed to my blog from this post so just wanted to drop in and say thank you for inspiring me to start my blog! It’s going well and I still enjoy as much as in the beginning!

            Would love to hear what you think!

            Thanks again

          2. Tess, that’s great! I checked out your blog. Thumbs Up! (except for the One Direction posts. :P)

  38. Hi Ryan I love this post and was wondering if I could bounce some ideas off you! I started a blog awhile back and haven’t blogged for over a year but wanted to get back into it. Only problem is I never like the name and want to rebrand my blog before I start up again. I want to blog about my family as well as being a mom/homemaker, diy/crafter, and etc on a budget.
    Originally I wanted to do “life on a shoestring with lexy” Or “life with Lexy” but I can’t decide if that seems too much focused on money saving which is not the main focus of my blog.
    Other thoughts I had were “Alexa Noel and Co”

    Any tips?? Thanks!

    1. Hi Alexa, thanks for the comment. I like as a name. If you go with something like you get a long name that’s difficult to read quickly. You want that simple instant recognition to allow people to easily remember you. sounds like some kind of industry rather than a relatable blog. I would either go with and just brand yourself, or go with a life-style type name like or… maybe even Hope this helps. Let me know what you decide to go with.

  39. My husband is starting a new blog to journal or share this past chapter of our lives and continue from there. We are both incredibly creative and both communicators but we are stumped! He was wanting to do GraceAddict expressing the need for God’s grace in our journey. Something more creative than just grace. Any thoughts? I love the idea of a word that stands for or gives a bigger idea.

    1. GraceAddict is an awesome name Karina. It’s actually one of the best ones I’ve heard in a while. The name itself is immediately relatable to most people who are experiencing the same thing. is available right now too, if you hurry. I would grab it asap and get started. Your blog sounds like a very interesting endeavor… let me know how it goes.

  40. Hi,

    I am interested in started a training, development, and performance solutions blog, however there are so many out there and I want mine to stand out with a cool name that is simple, easy to remember that stands out. My name happens to also be the name of a famous singer so I can’t use that to brand myself. Any suggestions?

    1. I’m not sure Lisa, that’s a tough one. If you’re writing about training, development and performance, it would seem to me like you were going to market yourself as a consultant or a service of some kind. If that’s the case, I would think along the lines of a business name rather than a blog name. Then, your blog would actually be your website and you kill two birds with one stone.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks Ryan for the response.

  41. Hey There, first off thanks for the helpful post 🙂
    Just seeking your expert opinion on this matter. I recently created a blog with the title Quirks, Curls & Vanilla Kisses namely for the Quirky DIY projects, Natural hair posts and Dessert posts which i plan to feature on my blog. I was wondering if this would qualify to you as a good name choice and if you’ve any suggestions. Thanks x

    1. Yeah, I think that name is cute. However, it’s a really long domain name. is difficult for people to remember. If it was me, I would choose a different name for the blog and use Quirks, Curls & Vanilla Kisses as a byline. Just a suggestion 🙂

  42. Hey Ryan!

    I would love your opinion for a blog name. It’s going to be about things that inspire me and general ramblings.
    Here are some possibilities:

    Thanks for your help 🙂

    1. Hi Disha… to be honest, I like all of those names. Shorter and easy-to-read is always better so IAMMuse, CreativeTonic and RawTonic seem to be the best of that list in my opinion.

      1. Thanks for your reply Ryan and yes, I was torn between them too! Unfortunately the names were already taken on WordPress so I decided to go with JivaTonic. I’d love to hear your feedback and criticism once I decide what I want to do with it etc. (provided you have the time).
        Thanks a bunch!

        1. NP Disha. Good choice with WordPress, however if you’re going to put much effort into the blog, I highly suggest hosting your own and getting a domain name. Here’s three reasons why:

          Hosting your own blog will cost about a $15-$20 setup and maybe $3-$10 per month hosting fee. It’s highly, highly recommended.

  43. Hey hie.. Im new to the blogging world.. Have no idea at all.. A total fresher.. My passion is cooking.. I like experimenting and cooking all new stuff.. I want to share my creativity with people around.. Can you please help me with naming my blog and also how can i go about it.. Thnks.. Q

    1. Hi Shruti,

      Blogging about your passion is the right way to go. The name needs to either capture your personal brand, or build a brand on it’s own. If you go with personal brand, your name is the identifier. If you’re going to build a brand around your blog, it’s name needs to be identifiable to cooking. Here’s a good place to start in building your blog:

  44. Hi Ryan,
    I am starting college in October. I am wanting to blog about it. I know there are probably countless college students doing the same thing. I have some ideas for a blog name, but would appreciate your input. You see I am 56, and this will be my first go at it. I put my kids through college and now that those are paid off, it’s my turn. I finally know what I want to be when I grow up.

    no expiration date
    my turn at the tassel
    where do I plug in the abbacus
    no free ride
    mortarboard or bust
    my shoes match my diploma


    1. Linda, I’m already in love with your story. I think you could potentially build a wildly popular blog with this. With a little bit of outreach to news sources, I could easily see you not only maintaining a very popular blog but also making it your full-time income. People respond to stories that inspire, and yours is doubtless going to inspire a lot of people.

      My recommendation… go with your name… something like DegreesOfMcCampbell or 1DegreeofLinda… something like that. Remember people are going to identify with you, your struggles, your triumphs and your story. At the end of the day, it’s you that makes the blog fly. That’s why I would definitely make the name somehow about you, not totally focused on what you’re doing.

      I would definitely go the self-hosted route so you own your own domain. Get hosting from Site5 or Hostgator, install WordPress, and get a theme for $20-$50 installed. Then, hit the ground running and tell your story. I would love to see what you do with this idea and if you need any help let me know. I would also check out this series:

      1. This is fantabulous. Totally made up word, but I love it. I really like the 1DegreeofLinda, but I am actually going for 2 degrees. How about 2DegreesofLinda? I have written down my experiences so far as to incorporate them into the blog once up and running.
        Your idea about the self-hosted site would be the only way I would go. I will send you the address once the blog is established. I love your site and will visit often.

  45. I’m planning on starting a website, mainly about managing curly hair with a few other beauty related things as well, but I am really stuck for a catchy, unique name. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Beth! Thanks for stopping by the blog. This is one area I’m completely clueless about. But how about Or maybe Maybe even,,, Another idea is

      1. Thankyou so much! I absolutely love GirlsGotCurls! Your site is so helpful!

        1. Thanks Beth! I appreciate the complement!

  46. Great post! HI! I want to create a blog but I need help choosing a name. I am a 17-year-old spanish girl who really loves travelling, dancing and playing around with her camera! I want to start blogging about my daily life, fashion, dancing and travelling (not to forget about photography!) But of course the hardest part is coming up with a name… Btw my name is Maria (though you can call me Mary). THANK YOUUUU!!!! xxx

    1. Hey Mary, I’m glad you’re thinking about this at 17. I wish I would have started that young… but blogging back then wasn’t even a thing yet. With this type of blog, I would definitely capitalize on your name… make the brand about you and then all those things you’re passionate about become relevant subjects.

  47. Thanks so much for all the information you’ve shared here !
    I have 2 blogs and haven’t been active over the last 2 years but with a new venture in young living essential oils I want to start blogging again.
    It will be about me, family life, crafts (scrapbooking, crochet & filofaxes), Baking, essential oils, healthy eats, beauty and vintage finds.
    I’ve got a truckload of names so I hope to find the perfect name this week …

    grts, Danielle

    1. Thanks for the comments [email protected] I know what it’s like to have blogs just sitting there and feeling bad about not keeping them active. I would give you a little advice though, which I am known to harp about: Don’t build any kind of venture on free blogging platforms.

      I just made a video showing how to create a premium blog, much like this one, for $15 setup and about $10/mo after that. Owning your own site with a WordPress install you control is worth 50X that investment. If I were you and I wanted to blog about the things I am passionate about (and sell essential oils) I would buy a domain name that fits with my name ( is taken – then I would blog under that.

      Good luck!

  48. Oh I’m definately going to export the 2 blogs (daanscupcakes and daanslife) into wordpress. That’s why I need a better name, I even had a third blog (daansfabfinds) until Pinterest came along ;).

    grts, Danielle

    1. Cool, glad to hear it. So many people don’t go self-hosted and it drives me crazy. 🙂

  49. I’ve been thinking about creating a blog for a while now, but I really stink at naming things. My blog will have a plenty broad range of subjects because I just want to post about me being me. I think I’m creative, but when I try to communicate that over text, it comes out surprisingly dull, so I’ve really had to think about ways to make what I write interesting. Any advice?

    1. Hi Keyonna, thanks for commenting. I see a lot of people asking this same question… the advice I think I like best is, when you’re talking about all the things you like, the only thing to bring all those areas into one subject is you. So brand your blog with your name. It doesn’t have to be but something that identifies you is important. Then, no matter if you’re talking about cooking or scuba diving, it’s a relevant subject matter because the main subject is about the things you like.

  50. I want to set up a personal blog that will grow over time from just a blog to a fully functional website. I have ran several sites before, but seem to be having a severe roadblock on a name for my personal blog.

    I want it to be about life as a man. The success, the struggles, the highs, the lows we deal with. Specifically dealing with work, being a husband, being a father, just the crap that men go through and often deal with in silence.

    So far, the best I can come up with is “A Changing Man” but it doesn’t feel complete. Any ideas/thoughts/suggestions would be so awesome!

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for the question.

      I think the idea for this blog is a good one. Where I usually recommend personal blogs being identified with the author’s name, this is one instance where I think a metaphorical name might be better. Maybe something like ShiningArmor (as in, it’s rusty and we’re having to shine it) or RustyArmor… something that plays off what men are “expected to be,” versus the reality of what they have to deal with.

      What do you think?

      1. Hey Ryan than ks foe the swift response… I like that idea. I had also come up with a few since I had posted, and also played with some of what you had said. ALl would of course be without spaces in the website name

        Lessons of a man
        A Man Learning
        Inside a Man
        Eyes of a Man
        Heart of a Man
        A mans Armor
        Armor of a man
        Armored Heart

        Just some thoughts…

        BTW this blog is awesome 🙂

        1. Thanks! I like all of those names, especially Inside a Man and Heart of a Man

          1. I went with “Heart of a Man” just because inside a man was not available as a .com.

            Now I’m trying to come up with a catchy tagline 🙂

  51. You have a lot of great information here! Now I am wondering of you could help me out? I have been through this blog naming process many times and have thought I found “the name” just to re-think it a little bit later. I am horribly indecisive 🙁 I (like many others it seems) want to start an all encompassing lifestyle blog, but am hesitant on using my own name as my domain… although it wouldn’t sound too bad, I guess. About me… stay at home mom, trying to live a sustainable lifestyle, DIY’er oh and I love comic books, sci-fi, reading etc… and I don’t even know where to go from here…

    Help me, please 🙂

    1. Hi Drea,

      Don’t worry I have name issues too. This blog started as, then changed to, then went to InboundProf for about 3 days, then to 🙂 I feel your pain.

      Really though, with that subject matter, branding around YOU is the answer. It doesn’t have to be but it should identify you in some way like “” or something like that. That’s the only way to keep such a wide range of subject matter relevant to each other. Otherwise you may think of starting multiple blogs.

      By the way, I’m a sci-fi nerd as well.

      1. Ha… glad to know I’m not alone 🙂
        Let’s see… I wanted to “Find My Inner Betty”, be “The Lazy Housewife” (but I’m not lazy and probably won’t be just a “housewife” forever), The (Dys)functional Housewife (while that may be accurate I was afraid of scaring people away), I most recently thought I found “the name” just to think on it a few months later and second guess myself. I am also planning on starting an Etsy shop and would like to somehow incorporate the name. See… me = indecisive.

        I do understand the importance of branding me… I just haven’t found myself yet 🙂

        1. Yeah, trust me I know how it is. One thing I have found, however, is that a name can grow on you. Maybe you can capture it in a “More Than a Houswife” way. Not to be too 1950’s stereotypical but you could do something like “BeyondtheKitchen.” I’m just spitting these off the top of my head. If I were you it would be NerdMeetsHousewife.

          However, if you decide to stick with the name you choose, it’s going to grow on you as the brand grows. The good thing is you’re actually thinking about it. I never considered it, which is why I’m on my 4th iteration. But I think I finally found the right name. It’s here to stay. 🙂

          1. It’s funny that you mention 1950’s stereotypical because that was what I was going for when I wanted to “find my inner Betty”. Unfortunately the few people I talked to about it didn’t get the “inner Betty” part. I like the path you are taking with your suggestions, but while BeyondtheKitchen is taken I am playing around with the Nerdy Housewife idea… I do wonder if there is a play on words to be had somewhere in that.

            One word I have been strangely drawn to in the Blog making process is Unravelling… kind of playing on the finding myself thing.

            Gah… you’d think at my age I’d have it figured out 🙂

            Thanks for all your help and quick replies! I have to admit trying to connect with other bloggers has been a bit intimidating.

          2. Drea,

            Yeah, bloggers can be a tight-knit group, but a difficult one to crack into. Don’t worry about that though, they aren’t your target audience. 🙂

            Let me know when you finally decide on a name. It’ll be interesting to see what you come up with.

  52. Hi Ryan,

    Thank you for the informative post.
    I read through all your responses in the hope it will inspire me to come up with a name for my blog, it sort of did.
    I was inspired to restart a blog by my recent trip to Brazil and wanting to share photos with friends then i thought i might as well do a full blog. I used to have a blog on wordpress which i had called ‘avelines’, but stopped. I did manage to get some traffic although it was not my main aim.

    I’d like to start a fresh by blogging about travel, reviews, inspirational quotes, dreams, aspirations and experiences. As a way to help me get out of my shell as I am quite reserved.
    I tried to come up with names following your suggestions: (etc plus first 3 letters of my name)

    1. Personally, if it’s primarily going to focus around travel, I would go with However, since your name is so unique, I would shorten it into so it will be easier to remember.

      1. Hi Ryan,

        Thanks for the swift reply, I tried your suggestion on friends and they liked it.
        I will certainly be returning to your blog for hints and tips as I attempt to write my way though my adventures…

        1. Thank you Aveline! Glad I could help. Let me know when you get your blog going! If I can help in any way let me know.

  53. Hi,
    I really enjoyed reading your post, it was really interesting.
    Me and my friend Sayuri we are 14 and are making a blog to show off our writing skills. Its actually gonna be all about poems, paragraphs, short stories kinda stuff but we don’t know what to name it, just that it should be unique and catchy. Any ideas ??

    1. Shrishti,

      I’m not real sure in this case. One of my favorite blogs is by a guy named Jeff Goins, he’s a writer and his domain name is You may mashup your names and do a kind of name. Like if your friend’s name was freddy, it could be or That’s a horrible example but you get the idea.

      Maybe going straight toward writing branding would be better.. Passion For Prose, Passion for Paragraphs, SexySentences… something like that.

  54. Hi there,
    Your blog is uber helpful, thanks! I am getting a blog of my own started, mostly as a way to log my inspirations, projects, and all the things I am interested in. So rather than having a niche or focus it will be more along the lifestyle blog with a ‘renaissance (wo)man’ vibe. Main themes will be music, food, photography, entertaining (theme party ideas are my speciality), and lists of things I am into/find inspiration in that week/month. Since my last name is Long, I am playing around with that for the blog name:
    FollowAlong (or FollowRlong)
    quinnisms (middle name quinn)
    OolongUnlimited (kind of a stretch, play on words with my last name, a Wes Anderson film and a tea that is not darjeeling)

    All ideas and critiques are more than welcome!

    1. would be a great name… but it’s probably taken already. It has the connotation of following a person named might be a replacement. Maybe “” would be a good name. I actually kind of like that idea.

  55. Hi, Can u help me to come up with a blog name please? I want to write about my life experiences, advice for teenagers like me, love, hate, friends, family etc…pretty deep stuff. Any ideas?

    1. I was thinking of something like “Lifethroughmyeyes” but that doesnt sound like a display name and isn’t very short and catchy

      1. Hi Jasmine. Maybe something like or or something similar. I do think since you’re talking about your experiences and things you go through, doing your name is important. or similar may be a good choice as well.

  56. Just in case anyone is feeling super creative here…
    My daughter, a new registered dietitian, and myself ( a journalist, and new full-time freelance writer) are planning a blog. I’ll write primarily, she will “guest post” or add her dietitian/20-something/bride-to-be perspectives along the way.
    Trying to think of a blog title that can somehow reflect/incorporate the following;
    Writer, hitting 50, emptying nest Mom – focused on simple life, family, recipes, frugality, farm/garden to table etc. with a sense of humor AND
    Dietitian, 20-something, just starting out, focused on health, fresh, affordable recipes, family, frugality etc.
    It’s a lot, I know. But I know I can tie the content together really well. Just need a blog name! Something cool, creative, easy to search??? Also, we live in Maine – and would love to use that as part of the angle? Something beginning with Maine-ly…?
    I’m stumped and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Your blog is very helpful and well written!

    1. Donna, thank you for the kind comments. I would recommend a mashup of your names, or somehow connecting your name or mother/daughter into the mix. Something along the line of DaughterandMe or MotherandMe. Maybe The2LadiesBlog or similar. I don’t know, really. Whatever you pick, I’m sure you can build a brand around it.

      1. Thanks for the ideas! I appreciate the response, it has given me a few things to think about. TheTiesThatBind&FeedUs popped into my head – playing on the family connections, the mother/daughter bond, and how food binds us together. But maybe too long? My head is FULL of blog post ideas! I need to get it set up and named! Thank you again.

        1. I thought that highlighting your mother/daughter relationship- or the fact that you’re a team could be nice and cute. I keep thinking that the word “Duo” could be a great term to incorporate! Like “The____Duo” or something.

          You could also focus on the family aspect. Maybe something like “Thicker Than Water Blog” to illustrate strong family ties?

          Good luck!

          1. Lizzy, right on! Great suggestions.

            Thank you for your comment.

          2. Lizzy, thank you, thank you! I like those ideas and appreciate the input! I’ll work on it and report back!

  57. Hi buddy, excellent blog post, and I can easily identify what sort of content you offer just by reading your blog address, which shows me consistence in what you do. I was wondering, I have had numerous blogs and personal websites but always found so hard to come up with a branding domain name. Ive used my full name before but that just looks a little too pretentious and it gives the impression that the whole thing is about my persona. Im an anthropology student with interests in pacific cultures and arts, archaeology, museums and art galleries. would you be able to suggest a name that would embrace this whole lot to make it clear of what Im up to? ive tried before, but if you are a sci-fi fan you would know this indicate an interest to Isaac asimov books which is not really the focus of what I like writing. the website is off for now, until i can think about a good name for my page. I would really be interested in what you could suggest. Thanks in advance!

    1. Wow, anthropology and art are two areas I’m completely ignorant of. A weird name came to me as I was reading your comment… would digginginthesky be completely devoid of metaphor? Maybe something like WhatIDig – using the pun for dig=like but also dig=archeology? ArtisticDiggery? lol, you got me. I would love to know what you decide on though.

  58. Hi Ryan, I came across your blog post while trying to find a good name for my blog: Daughter of a Son of a Sailor (way too long…i know). I’ve had it for a while but I’m trying to rebrand and come up with a more generic/short name/ also update it to something I wont grow out of. The two names that keep coming back are “Courtney and the City” and “Courtney Takes the City” (I feel like Courtney and the City is too relatable to “sex and the city” which i’ve never seen and dont want my blog associated with it and I’m worried “Takes” will have a negative connotation?) I haven’t found one that I think “That’s it.” Any thoughts? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hey Courtney, I’m very impressed with your blog.

      The thing I like about your current name is that personal connection with the song. It humanizes you and gives the blog a background story that’s hard to duplicate. However, I do think it’s very long and difficult to process without a lot of concentration.

      I think the name Courtney and the City or variations of that will put you in a box you may once again outgrow. What if you move out of the city? A better angle might be to capture your name and your passion. Something like

      One thing I do recommend, especially because you’re putting so much energy and effort into this blog, move away from blogger and get your own hosted installation of WordPress. That way you own the content you create, rather than trusting it to someone else who has a history of deleting years of blogging work from other bloggers for no reason. I write about it here:

      Let me know what name you pick.

  59. Hello Ryan!

    I am a marketing student at University of Maryland who is interested in starting a blog, but I’ve really been struggling to think of a name. I fear that this may be because I may not have settled on a niche just yet. I also study dance, so I really want my blog to be about entertainment, inspiration, dance, fashion, art, shows, leadership, being a college student, being an aspiring artist/entertainer/businessman. Essentially my own lifestyle blog. My name is Dev and I’m not sure if I should put that in the title. Judging by your previous comments, I feel like I should have a more abstract title. Do you have any suggestions? Is my potential blog not focused enough.


    1. Dev, if you’re a marketing student I would say DEFINITELY start blogging. I went from being completely broke to having the job of my dreams, propelled mainly by my blogs. With that kind of subject matter, go with your name unless it’s really long. Your own personal-branded blog will be your outlet for a long, long time and can actually be an asset in both job search, and building your personal brand. I say go for it with your name. That’s my opinion. 🙂

  60. Hey,

    I’d love to start a blog, and my blog is going to have to do with books and my opinion on them and my progress on knitting and crochet. I thought of:
    -My thoughtful opinions
    -My progresses and opinions
    -My proceeding opinions

    Hope you can help me

    1. How about CloverThoughts or KnittingMyThoughts, or… it’s a little long but

    2. What about something like “NovelsAndKnittting” or “KnittedNotions” or something like that that shows your subject in your title? Just my thought- Good luck!

      1. +1 for KnittedNotions 🙂

        1. Thanks! 🙂

  61. Hi Ryan,

    I really enjoyed this post and have found your website to be very helpful! I am going to start a blog. It will be a lifestyle blog focusing on interior design and DIY, but with fashion, beauty, travel, photography, fitness, and healthy eating mixed in. There are a lot of blogs out there like this. I plan to take this seriously and cultivate a blog that will become my fulltime career in a few years. Since the blog will cover a range of things, I was wondering if you thought something like (IAMSonyaB) would be a good way to brand myself and my blog. I’ve thought about using EYEam as opposed to IAM… you know, because I will be blogging about various topics as seen through MY eyes…
    Any thoughts???

    1. I wouldn’t use EYEam simply because it can be confusing, especially trying to convey your blog verbally. sounds like a good name. You may even want to get a little more creative and do something like “” or “” Either way, I do think you’re on the right track bringing your name into the brand.

      1. Thanks for the swift response! I’m going to think a little harder. I know I definitely want to become a brand. So I’m gonna give it some more thought.

  62. Hi Ryan – I spent 20 minute reading at a lot of comments here! What a great community. Thank you for all you’re doing. I’ve been thinking about blogging to share inspiration and stories of how I went from growing up in a low-income household to Harvard. I have a passion for both education and wellness/fitness. I am a yoga certified instructor. My journey was not easy. I want to share my life and how I was able to achieve academic success, travel the world, and learn multiple languages.

    I believe that if a student is mentally and physically fit, even greater academic, professional, and personal milestones are possible.

    Therefore, I would like to start my own college planning business for high school students with a wellness component attached to it. I want to use my site for business and make it personal enough through a link to my blog within it to share insight, inspiration, and grow a community that helps each other. Kind of like your blog! I’d love be able to respond comments and help people along their pursuit of career, health, and college goals.

    I have started www. wellscholar .com, (a merge between wellness and scholar ) Motto: Prep. Achieve. Succeed.

    If the blog is embedded in the site,

    Secrets of zasu (short for my name Aranzasu)

    You are Valor – great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.

    In short, I want to also be creative in this endeavor, connect this to IG where I post inspiration on being healthy and tackling big dreams! Make sense?

    1. I forgot to ask for your feedback: Do you think my blog name should just stay as well scholar or something else? Such as,

      Secrets of zasu (short for my name Aranzasu)
      You are Valor – great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.

      Any insight you may have will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

      1. I would keep it as It’s a catchy brand name and encompasses what you want to talk about. In the future, if you start your business you can just add-on the business website around your blog. If you’re using WordPress this would be super easy.

        Let me know how it goes! And thanks for joining the discussion!

        1. Thank you, Ryan! I will keep you posted and will check out right now how you got started. Now, I can’t wait to start blogging on my website!

  63. Hi Ryan, so I want to start a blog about personal/ my career. I am having trouble coming up with a name I am in school for business for finance, investment banking. Can you help me with a name

    1. Hi Nichole,

      Have you considered just using your name? – if you’re blogging about your life and career, having a personal branded blog can actually become an asset for building your expertise and personal brand in the future. It’s how I got my first job in marketing.

      You can hear my story of how blogging took me from broke to dream job here.

  64. Hello Ryan,

    I was wanting to start a blog but [obviously] am having difficulty with a name since I have so many interests. I am interested in literature, photography, movies, fashion, teaching, art, baking, antiques and home making. However, these are so broad and I am struggling to come up with a name. I love autumn and all the scents, etc. surrounding it and thought something about the leaves changing would be cute (like a Gatsby quote I know) but I also love Kansas and sunflowers since that is where I was born and raised so anything the Wizard of Oz would be great too. I have even tried to play with Shakespeare lines for a slogan to go with a name I haven’t even created yet. I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Oh and I am a high school English teacher if that helps too. I am also always drawn to anything with alliteration. HELP! 🙂 And I thank you in advance.

    1. Some names that I can come up with thus far:
      1. Christine in Kansas (but it is close to a friend’s blog name: PihlingKansas)
      2. Kansas Creations or Christine’s Kansas Creations
      3. Creative Christine
      4. Creative Kansas
      5. Fall for Kansas, with a fall leaves header and the pun of falling in love with Kansas
      6. Kansas is known for sunflowers and beautiful skies at sunrise and sunset so Sunflowers and Sunsets
      7. an obvious name: Kansas Christine

  65. Hi Ryan,
    Your suggestions to others are awesome and I’m hoping you can give me a hand. I have a teaching blog, but am now looking to create a blog that’s more personal. It’s my quest to become a better mom, wife, woman, weight loser, organizer, and planner. My name is Jill. I’m wondering if you have any ideas or suggestions for an overall self-improvement blog {it will include things such as menus, recipes, ideas for other, etc.}. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jill… that’s a great idea for a blog. Have you considered something like “” or “” A blogger I used to follow named his blog with a .do at the end. So it was – his story for the name was, it always reminded him to stop procrastinating and DO.

      Just an idea. 🙂

  66. Thanks Ryan! Would you use a nickname in a blog? My nickname is Bean and is incorporated into my teaching blog name {Apple Bottom Beans}. Would abetterbean work? Or is that too vague?

    1. Jill… I think sounds like a cooking blog. You may rather go with or – perhaps or… just some ideas 🙂

  67. Hi Ryan!
    Your blog has made me think even more about the name of a blog that I would like to start, however, I am stuck for ideas on names and was wondering if you could help? It will include fashion, beauty, photography, diys, food, and some general everyday life things. Do you have any ideas? Thanks

    1. Beth, thanks for the comment.

      Have you thought of working your name into it somehow? With those kind of subjects I would think something like “The Best of Beth” or Beth’s Bests
      something like that. Maybe “The Beth Idea” or “The Beth Ideas Ever” if you want fun and quirky.

  68. Hey Ryan,

    I’m about to start another blog now that I follow the SCD lifestyle, and as many others I hope you can help me in picking a good title.
    The goal is to reach outsiders with this one, where as my old one mostly reaches friends and family (as my name is fairly complicated, people need a URL).
    The content will consist of recipes but also experiences and things I do. The diet will play a part in all of it but I don’t intend to be stuck in this diet forever, so I avoid the terms SCD or DIET.

    I’ve thought of several and here are the ones I consider most. I would love to know your thoughts on them. Of course other suggestions are very welcome too.

    (I thought of using Crumb as it was my nickname when I was little)




    (Inspired by the expression ‘bring home the bacon’)

    (Maybe the meaning of this expression sends out the wrong signals? I like how humble pie is an actual pie though)

    Much thanks in advance!

    1. Jaimy,

      I really like these ideas: CrumbledUp and DutchCrumbs. I like the connection with an old nickname… as you build you brand, people love knowing these little insights into the real you. Maybe even going the direction of “ImTheCrumbs” or “CallMeCrumb”… I don’t know what the best choice will be but I definitely think going that direction will give you a valuable brand name.

      1. Thanks, Ryan! I think I’ll take the Crumb direction, sit on it for a little longer, see if it brings me anything else.

        Thank you for your input!

        1. Me again 🙂 Still pondering on a name. I pitched CrumbledUp but it gave people a sad impression, as if crumbling up to hide from the world. That’s not the intention. I made a new top 3 but I find a downside for each. Love to know your thoughts!

          DutchCrumbs – yep this one’s still in the run. Could there be doubts on spelling? It makes for a weird pronunciation if said dutchcrumbs dot com.

          CrumblingBanana – Bananas save my life daily. Is it too hard to pronounce, is it too long?

          CrumbsInMyTea – (of which I drink pots not cups) great for google. Does it have too many words?

  69. Thinking of starting a blog about christianity, religion, and theology. Thought about To long?

    1. I don’t think that’s too long. That’s actually a great name, in my opinion.

  70. I’m very happy to have run into this article it is very helpful, although I’m still banging my head to come up with a name for my blog. I am a navy wife getting ready for an upcoming deployment a very busy husband a mother of 2 and a seamstress I have a small business where i sew and do many different stuff. I’m extremely creative a pinterest addict and i do tons of diy project. I want to base my blog basically on my life, my hobbies, my kids, my frustrations I don;t have many friends navy wives are kind of the last people you want to make friends with some are just to much drama. I know it sounds like much but I’m recently interested in very much wanting to pit all this in a blog. A name would be helpful for my blog you are very helpful to the previous commentators

    1. Hi Benita, thanks for the comments. Have you considered something like “” or similar? LifeofaNavyWife You could also use your own name as a part of it.

  71. Hi,

    I’ve been looking for the right name for my blog. It’s gonna be a lifestyle blog.
    The main focus is home decoration and traveling, but I’d also like to write a little bit about fashion, beauty and maybe about cooking. I know these are a lot of subjects, but I like having variation in my life 🙂
    Can you help me please? I don’t like to use my personal name, mainly because it’s not catchy enough.


    1. Hi Valerie… those are pretty common subjects for blogs. If you’re looking to brand away from your name, or an identifier of you, I would definitely try to focus on the first two and fight the urge to write about other things. Unless you can find a common denominator to name around, narrow-focus is your key to success.

      I know some people think that focusing on a narrow subject will limit them. But just think about how I get close to 500 visits a day to this post on blog names, not counting the visits to other pages on this blog. Blog names is a narrow, narrow subject, but this post is hitting about 15,000 visitors a month by itself.

      So keep it narrow, and find a name that’ll tie home decorating and traveling together. Like the Roaming Decorator or something. Hope this advice helps.

  72. Hi Ryan,
    Thanks for sharing this post!
    Instead of a blog, I have been asked to write a column in our department newsletter at work. I am trying to come up with a name for the column. It’s suppose to be a fun read highlighting an individual in our department by asking them random and fun questions. Such as, If you owned a yacht, what would you name it and why? Or If you could spend 15 min with any living person who would you choose and what would you want to talk about? Totally not related to work in any way, just a getting to know you kind of thing. We are a production department so I was thinking Center Stage was ok, but it seemed kind of expected and a little boring. Any ideas?

    1. I like Center Stage, In the Spotlight, The HotSeat, The Town Pryer (as in prying into person details)… there’s all kinds of things you could go with. However, do be careful that you don’t limit your column by it’s name. What happens if you want to write something inspirational or the like… naming around “getting to know each other” might make that subject kind of awkward.

      Maybe you could name it something like “What you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask.” A very long name but if you could capture that idea in a shorter form you may have a winner for the column name. These are just my opinions though. 🙂

  73. This article has helped so much! But still having a hard time with a name. I am a stay at home mom/wife. I am just learning how to cook. My blog idea was to actually “test” recipes from different sources and blog my experiences from the viewpoint of a beginner. I myself get confused with some of the terminology or the time is says the recipe will take. But I don’t want the name to be limited in case I want to venture into blogging about testing other things like crafts, etc.

    Some of my ideas….

    If I can you can (already taken)
    An unexpected cook
    Our lived in life
    Taste and see (already taken)
    Cook craft coupon
    The rookie cook (already taken)
    Moose’s troop (my husband nickname)

    Lots of ideas (but someone has already thought of most)

    Any feedback would be so appreciated. Thanks!

    1. I love this idea. As a matter of fact, if you would compliment your blog with a YouTube channel, I could see you making a killing with it. Maybe you could do something like SeasonsandTastes, or ApprenticeChef, TheMadChef, ChefNoob, ChefNewbie, ExperimentalChef, TheAdventurousChef, AdventureCook, CookingAdventures… there’s a ton of ideas I could list.

      1. Thank you so much for responding. Some of your suggestions are already taken but it got my creative juices flowing. Haven’t found that perfect name yet but it’s coming I can feel it. Thanks again. You rock!!!!

  74. I live reading your articles! I was wondering if you could help me out with my name. I am a stay at home mom/wife who is just learning how to cook. I have found that a lot if recipes are hard to read so I want to test recipes and blog about them. I don’t wNt to limit myself to just recipes, maybe later add on testing crafts, etc. some of the names I have thought of

    If I can you can (already taken)
    Cook craft coupon
    Mooses troop (my husband nickname)
    The moose troop
    The Unexpected cook
    Taste and see (variations already taken)
    My lived in life

    The names just don’t seem to convey me or what I’m trying to blog about. Your help is appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hey Jean… See my response to your previous comment. Thanks for leaving a response! Also, for the kind words.

  75. Hi! Love this here thing! I’m not sure what exactly what I want to name my blog but I want to blog about family, faith, health and vegan ism! Any ideas…..anything is better than what I have right now which is zip. Maybe something that includes my “tazo” nickname?!?!? Thanks-Tim

    1. Have you tried simply or

  76. Hello Ryan

    Firstly thanks for your good advice about blog names.
    Almost ı read everything that you wirte. My friend want to create a blog. She did not find good and unique name. You know this is difficult choice. It’s gonna be a lifestyle blog ( fashion , travel , food vs.)

    Please give an advice about blog’s name.

    thanks a looot

    1. Those are all broad subjects in and of themselves. If your friend wants to write about all of them, best to go with their own name, or something that brands around them as a personality.

  77. Hey Ryan,
    I am thinking about starting a blog i am 24, as i have been on a weight loss journey which is on-going and i want to be able to help other people. With meal ideas, daily life and also tips and hint which have helped me a lot, but i am completely stuck on what name to choose.
    I have read through all these posts and comments and am still stuck on a name.

    1. Have you thought about naming around the “journey” idea? Like or something similar?

  78. Hiya! I want to start a new blog on DIY; things like homemade beauty products, revamping furniture, diy household objects, etc. The why behind the blog would be to save money – I’m not exactly rich. Also, with respect to the health and beauty products, there are so many chemicals in them these days that actually do horrible damage to the human body. My aim for creating my own products would be to get rid of those chemicals to be healthier.

    Anyway, I came up with a name yesterday that I really love: From Square One. I REALLY like it, but 1. it’s already taken and 2. it doesn’t quite fit with the revamping/being healthy parts as well. I’m been brainstorming, and here are some other ideas I’ve come up with. I don’t like them all, but I wrote them down to try and stimulate my thinking.

    * Fresh on a budget
    * From ground up (taken)
    * The bright-eyed thrifter
    * Nominally raw
    * The bushy-tailed DIYer
    * Pink on a budget
    * The bright-eyed cheapo/cheapie
    * Moderately green (taken)
    * Fresh on a budget
    * The blooming bargain

    What do you think? A lot of the words have come from looking for synonyms for words like cheap and healthy. 🙂

  79. Hi Ryan,

    I am trying to start a food blog. I am 27 and a Registered Dietitian. i am having a really hard time coming up with something creative that hasn’t been used yet. There are so many food blogs out there. How can i get something unique that everyone will remember? Any ideas?


    1. Hi Megan,

      Thanks for your comment. This is a hard one, but I would recommend using some of the buzz words around foodies, and consult a thesaurus. I don’t think you’ll want to use these but I thought of something like or are both available. If you want to go simple, you could go with MeganCooks, or CookingWithMegan.

  80. i want your suggestions for names of diy blog that i want to create. Am too confused.

  81. I started a blog when I began a wedding planning business. I am now going to work for another planner, but would like to bring my blog along. Currently my blog has my name on it, i would like to take my name off of it and rename it. I just cant think of anything catchy. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Beth… I’m not sure how you’ll do it with, but you need to make sure you 301 redirect your old pages to your new blog site if you move them. Here’s my thoughts without much knowledge on the company you’re working for now:

      Option 1: Take the blog with you to your new company, and integrate your posts into their website blog. If they don’t have a blog, yours will give them a head start.

      Option 2: Rename your blog, and keep it seperate. Then, you can link to it from your new company site, essentially giving them two blogs.

      Option 3: Keep it! Even though you’re not working for yourself, you’re still an expert in the industry. Having your own blog, even aside from the company you work for, can only increase your personal brand, which in turn increases the credibility of the company you work for.

      Out of these 3 options, I would try to go with #3. However, if that’s not an option for some reason, #1 might be the best bet. If you’re renaming it to connect with your new company, the name should somehow reflect their brand. Without knowing the name of the company, I’m not sure how to help you there.

      P.S. Those 301 redirects are vitally important. 🙂

  82. hai..i am planning to make a blog for my own stories,poems,and thoughts.
    can you please reccommend names for my blog to grab attention and to make it unique?

    1. hi Yasmin,

      I would think something like or TheWorldofYasmin or maybe even

  83. Hi Ryan,

    I’m super excited to start a blog, but like many others, am stuck for a name! My blog is going to be a bit of everything, but I want to try and mainly focus on my journey to becoming a Journalist. I have just began a 3 year degree at University in Journalism, so want to get my name out there in the Journalism world. I was thinking of ‘journalistinthemaking’ what do you think?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren, Thanks for the comment.

      Yeah, I think that would be a great name. You may even think about it a little differently like, “MakingaJournalist” or “TheMakingofaJournalist.” Just ideas, but yours is definitely a good one.


      1. Thanks for your fast reply Ryan, I found it very helpful 🙂
        Unfortunately, the name I had thought of and the ones you suggested are not avaliable! I’ve also thought of ‘ajournalismjourney’ what do you think of that?
        Thanks again,
        Lauren 🙂

        1. MyPath2Journalism or MyJournalismJourney TheWay2Journalism…. I think you’re on the right road… it’s just a matter of finding one you like that someone else hasn’t liked already. 🙂

          1. I love ‘MyPath2Journalism’!
            Thank you so much Ryan 🙂 I just needed someone to give me that push in the right direction.

            I think what you’re doing is fantastic, giving people the confidence to be who they want to be. Keep up the good work and I will be sure to direct fellow bloggers in your direction.

            Best wishes,

          2. Thanks Lauren! Glad I could help! When you get your blog up and going, shoot me a link. I would love to check it out.

  84. Hi Ryan,

    I’m glad I found your site because I’m in the brain storming stages of starting my blog and I must say you have answered my questions when other sites couldn’t or were to vague. I do have a question do I have to have a website and a blogspot along with a domain? I want my blog to be a lifestyle (life, fashion, food etc.) blog so I thought about the name “euthasworld” because Eutha is my first name and I am named after my grandmother. I would greatly appreciate your help.

    1. Hello Eutha,

      I wouldn’t do a blogspot blog. If at all possible, stay away from free blog services. Instead, I would buy a domain name ($10), buy a host ($4-10 per month) and install WordPress from That way you’ll own your blog, your domain, and have complete control over everything you create.

      1. Thank you so much Ryan for responding back to me and answering my questions.

      2. Hello Ryan

        I another question when I go to wordpress will the program download to my computer and will I able to to blog from phone/tablet?

  85. Hi, I am trying to start a personal blog about my life, dairy, journey & travel, I having a hard time coming up a creative name for it, can you choose for me.

    1. Grace Avery
    2. Avery Grace
    3. Paint the Sky
    4. Grace paint the sky
    5. Grace paint the sky with Love

    Thank you very much

    Cheers, G

    1. Hi Grace,

      I can definitely tell you which one I like best, but ultimately you need to choose the one you’ll be satisfied with 4 months or 4 years from now. I really like PaintTheSky, another option would be GracePaintedSky would be another version to consider.

      1. Dear Ryan,

        Thanks for your replied.

        I still can’t decided the blog name not for 4 years, its more longer, as I would like to use my name ‘ grace ‘ for started. can pick below which is attractions you in first catch

        1. Grace Paints The Sky
        2. Grace Paints The Sky With Grace ( this a bit long )
        3. A Very Grace ( my real name is Grace Aver, but this don’t come with meaning right ? )
        4. any ideas you can advice

        Your advice is important for me, hope to heard from you again ^^

        Cheers, G

        1. Correction my previous message


          Dear Ryan,

          Thanks for your replied.

          I still can’t decided the blog name not for 4 years, its more longer, as I would like to use my name ‘ grace ‘ for started. can you pick below which is attractions you in first catch

          1. Grace Paints The Sky

          2. Grace Paints The Sky With love ( this a bit long )

          3. A Very Grace ( my real name is Grace Avery, but this don’t come with meaning right ? )

          4. any ideas you can advice

          Your advice is important for me, hope to heard from you again ^^

          Cheers, G

  86. Hello Ryan! I am looking at starting a blog. I’m tired of being asked how I do it (life) thought I should just show everyone 🙂 Anyway I am so stuck on a name. I am a mom of 2 disabled kids and a hubby with cancer. I balance “normal” life and our medical life. It would be about life, kids, organization, budget and meal planning, etc. Would you have any ideas?

    1. Hi Jenn,

      Without knowing you it’s hard to pop names off the top of my head. I would try to brand around my name, or go with a name like “HowIDoIt” or “HowJennDoesIt” LiveFulfilled… there’s so many options to go with. Maybe even

  87. Hey Ryan, great article. A lot of good advice.

    I’m currently looking to start a visual diary depicting (film, music and design), but I also want to have more personal entries and anecdotes from my childhood and current life.

    I grew up as a westerner in Hong Kong and moved back to London when I was 11, so a nice catchy name that symbolises that would be nice…

    ‘East met west then met west again’ – something along those lines…


    1. Being a Tolkien fan, I came up with WestEastandBackAgain

  88. Hey Ryan, am wanting to start my own mummy blog. It will be about my two young children and the messy/sensory play we do and how they learn through it. Am really struggling in coming up with a name .. I have a boy and girl and was thinking along the lines of .. ‘ growing … or something to do with play or mess :/ any ideas would be great 😀 Thanks

    1. How about PinkandBlueMesses or MessesInPinkandBlue… or – There’s a lot to choose from. Did you have any ideas before reading my blog? If so, what were those?

  89. Hi,
    I’m trying to start up a new blog about sports written from a woman’s perspective.
    So far I have “For the Love of Sports” but I think it may be too cheesy. Do you have any ideas? Also, I’m sure you’ve answered this question before and if that ‘s the case let me know I can re-read the comment section and search. What site do you recommend to blog? And what do you think is a good starting point?
    Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

    1. Hi Erika,

      I like that name… there’s several ways you could go with it. Maybe SportsWidows if you’re looking at sports from that side. If you’re looking at it as women fans you could always do something along the line of GirlsLoveSportsToo or SportsAreForWomen… there’s a bunch of different ways to go.

      For your second question, you shouldn’t use a “site” to blog on. I know there are a lot of free options out there, but when you write a blog on a free site, they own your content and can manipulate your success for their own gain. I’ve written extensively about this before but the bottom line is, if your blog isn’t important enough to invest $100-$200 a year into, you will probably quit before you see success.

      Here’s some resources for you: Will show you everything you need to know to get started. will show you how to setup WordPress for the first time.

  90. Hi Ryan,

    I’ve just come across your blog and I’ve found your replies to others really great!

    I work in marketing, but I’m looking to set up my own fashion and beauty blog to show off my own style and loves, but have fallen at the first hurdle and just can’t seem to find a name I can stick to (the only one I liked – once upon a girl – turns out is the name of a 1970s adult movie!)

    The other names I keep thinking of, but unsure as they feel over done, are:

    I don’t suppose you have any creative ideas that could be of help – it would be much appreciated!!


    1. Hey Sammy,

      I like, but it is probably taken. I also like SamanthaJanesDiary… but it is just a little long. or WhatSammyLoves might be a good fit. Maybe SammyLovesStyle? StylesWithSammy, StyleinSammy, TheSammyLook, SammyLooksGood, LookGoodSammy…. the list could go on and on. The most important thing is to pick one you’ll still like a year or two from now.

  91. Hi,

    Am also having problem with my blog name and reading through all the comments actually gave me ideas and insights but I haven’t decided yet. I just want to say, that You sound like a really nice person on your replies to your readers. Cool! Anyway.. Am still listing my options and looking for inspiration around but this article and comment thread definitely helped me.

    1. Thanks Isah! I appreciate the kind words.

  92. Hey! Great article, thanks for the wise words of advice! I’ve been blogging for about half a year now and thinking of re-branding my blog with a title that is shorter, catchier and easier to remember. My blog is about life as a student and covers a broad range of topics of the culture at higher education (university/college). It would be great if you could give me some advice or name suggestions. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the comment Connor… it would help to know what your current blog name is. There are a lot of directions you could go incorporating life, university, college, school, preparing, grades, homework… do you have any ideas for names yet or are you drawing a complete blank?

  93. Hi,

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article and it was really insightful! Thank you 🙂
    I’m considering starting up my own blog. I’m a young woman with a lot of goals and interests, I was thinking of a general lifestyle blog where I could place some creative writing (while I’m in the process of writing a novel…eventually), fashion/beauty, my opinions and just wonderful thoughts/places I come across – with the main focus being writing. This sounds a little all over the place though, but I didn’t just want to limit myself to one niche.

    My question is, is there a way to have a successful general blog? Or incorporate other interests in 1 blog…or should I consider another medium of writing?

    As you were saying, defining your blog makes the entire naming process a LOT easier.


    1. Anna, yes you can do all of that on one blog… but in order to keep it relevant, it’ll need to be branded around YOU. I would suggest using your name as the brand… then writing about anything is still relevant to the subject matter.

  94. I want to start a mommy blog. On Fridays I will do a “journal” type of post about me and my fam. On Wednesdays I will write a “response/review” post where I respond to another article, video, song, product that is parenting related. This will obviously be an opinion piece. Also on the first monday of every month I will do a research piece on a specific topic like adoption, infertility, nursing ect.

    So now I’m stumped on naming the blog… I was thinking of tinyeskimokisses, but not sure if that is too vague. Should it have parenting, mommy or baby in the title to be clear, or is this a good time to be creative? I’m not commited to this name, so if you have suggestions please share. Thank you.

    1. April, the deal with naming your blog really comes down to how you want to brand it. Putting parenting or similar words in the title can be a good thing, but can also limit what you write about. I think TinyEskimoKisses is a great blog name you can brand with. It’s a mental picture all parents can relate to. I would say go for it… the only hold back is if you see yourself 12-36 months down the line wishing you had named it something else.

  95. Hey there, I’m a 27 year old stay at home, first time mom looking to start a blog about being at home with a baby, life with a baby etc maybe with a bit of beauty/shopping and clothes hauls. My obsession are Christmas (don’t hate me hahah) winter, my daughter Arabella and anything that sparkles. I have a few a ideas but I’m not good at being creative so wondered if you could guide me. My ideas so far are
    A Dusting of Snow
    Diamond in the Rough
    Not many (ok 2 hahaha) but a start?!
    Thanks again

    1. Samantha… I’m a Christmas crazy person. I’ve been begging my wife to let me decorate… and we’re going to next week. I’ve already been playing Christmas music for the last month. If I were you, I would brand either around your name or around “family” of some sort. If you really are obsessed with christmas… maybe going with something that incorporates snow flakes, family, memories, and warmth. Just remember, if you go to far into the “snow” or “Christmas” theme, you’ll be boxed in on subject matter.

      In the end, I would brand around your family, or your name or your family name. Then, you can go crazy talking about Christmas and it’s still relevant… then you can talk about beauty, shopping, or clothes and it’s still relevant.

  96. Hi Ryan,
    These tips really inspired me to create a blog of my own so that I can use it as a platform to voice my opinions. I want to center it around my interests like beauty and food/lifestyle etc. However I still require a creative and personalised name (like relating to the purpose of it) for my blog.
    How do these sound:
    The curly situation (I have curly hair)
    Living in a compact
    I cannot think of more at the moment hence I need some help.

    1. Hi Menka,

      I think CurlySituation is closer to your subjects you listed. Mabybe something like “SeeingThroughCurls” or something like that. There’s a lot of blogs on those subjects so, try to get your name to set you apart… either by identity or uniqueness.

  97. what should i call my blog? i cant think much about it its so hard!?!?! can you help?!
    I like; Drama and keeping everything neat!

    1. Hi Madeline,

      That’s a tough question without knowing a little more about who you are and what you want to write about. If you’re talking about being organized and tidy, but also about performing arts… I would name it something like OrganizedChaos, or OrganizingDrama. The thing is, when you talk about 2 completely different subjects like that, you’ll lose your audience.

      I would almost suggest you start two blogs… one about drama… the other about being organized. Unless you’re “keeping everything neat” is directly related to drama. If it really is two seperate subjects, I would brand around your name… or launch two blogs. Just remember, two blogs is twice the work and a single blog can be a full-time job if you do it right.

  98. Hi Ryan…
    I have wanted to start a blog for awhile already but kept putting it off. Recently I was talking to my husband & my sister and decided that it is something I really want to do. But like everyone else I am stumped on the name! =/ Currently my husband and I reside in a tiny apartment and we are in the process of searching for a bigger house. I love cooking, but I think I literally have the world’s smallest kitchen!! Haha Anyways, at first I really struggled with making do with what little space I have but I have now decided that I am grateful for a roof over my head and my tiny kitchen. Ok, I realize I am rambling now, sorry. To make a long story shorter, I want to focus my blog sharing my experiences with making do with what I have. Do I want a huge gourmet kitchen? Yes! Do I have that? No! Do I want to eat only organic? Yes! Can I afford to right now? Not 100% of the time. Can I learn to be content with what I have? Yes I can! So anyways I think I could really connect with everyday normal people on this subject. It doesn’t matter how little or how much we have, we are always grasping for more. So I want to inspire people to be grateful and content with what we have in the moment. Does any of this make sense? We have been trying to come up with a name, and the only one I kinda like is, “Sometimes It’s Enough” but other than that I cant think of any more. Any suggestions?

    1. Mary, thanks for the comment. I think that’s an awesome blog topic. However, “Sometimes It’s Enough” seems like a longer name and it’s not catchy. Especially, if you want to do the blog right and get a domain name, you would have to drop the apostrophe. Have you considered something like “HappyWithEnough” or “HappyIsEnough” – those are easier on the domain name choices, and I think they’re catchy. In the end, it’s really what you think sounds the best, and connects with you the best.

      Let me know what you decide on!

      1. Hi Ryan,
        Thank you for your prompt response. I agree with you that it was too long and I really like your suggestions! I am going to run those by my sister and let you know what we come up with. Thank you again!

  99. Hi Ryan! I am getting ready to start a blog. I am a Professional Christian Counselor and I also teach at my church. I want to write about counseling topics from a Christian perspective, faith, and growing as a whole person–spirit, soul and body. Any suggestions for a name that might catch people’s eye? I hope to expand into doing more writing and speaking.

    1. How does “the pursuit of wholeness” sound?

      1. or “Life, liberty and the pursuit of wholeness” ?

  100. This article has given me good advice, although it’s a bit too late for me, now. But when I build my next website I’ll have this information in mind.

  101. Hi! Was scrolling through the comments and thought, ‘well, I’ll give Ryan a try’…….I am a homeschool curriculum consultant, have homeschooled for 20 years and would like to write about my experiences and tie it in with reviews on homeschool curriculum. Do you think I should include the word ‘homeschool’ at all in my blog name?

    1. Adding it to the name will help people instantly know what you’re writing about. So if you’re 100% dialed into that subject, I would say yes.

  102. Hi how does sound for a fashion blog?

    1. I like the name… but I have no clue how it connects with fashion. If you are good at branding, you could get away with it. but for a blog, you may want to go with a more identifiable name that connects with the subject.

  103. Hi!!

    I am wanting to start a blog pretty much about life. It’s going to be about what I went through and how I can give advice to help someone that might go through the same things I did. I just can’t seem to come up with a domain name. Do you have any suggestions? I am going completely blank. Any help would be awesome!

    Thank you!
    Bailey Nicole

    1. Hi Bailey,

      If you’re talking about things you’ve experienced for the benefit of others, I think you can’t go wrong with branding your name. I would strongly recommend using it as your blog name.

  104. Hi Ryan,

    I hope you can help me out. I’m a nowegian girl moving to New York City, and want to start a new fashionblog. But in that jungel you need to stand out somehow. So I want to focus on lipstick. Or twist everything around lipstick. Want to work in PR. But I need to find a funny, catchy name that is not to cheesy. I want to be taken serious. I also love making food so planing writing about that as well. So maybe I could combine it somehow. Something like: applebites (New York +lipstick), lipstickmunchies, kissolet, paintpout. I would prefer not to use the name lipstick thought. Why give it all away at once huh?

    So if any great ideas comes to your mind, I’d be extremely thankful!

    1. I actually thought of lipstickmunchies before reading your ideas… surprised to see you list it already. I like applebites as well. I think you’re on the right track!

  105. A friend and I want to start a blog about really everything related to recent events. It might be politics, sports, or the latest episode of the walking dead. We really want it to be about what the hot topic is, and let it be open for people to come and give their opinion as well with anyone calling them out. Everyone is entitled to there opinion and we respect that even if it is different then ours. We are both young so want to appeal to the low 20 – 30 crowd. We are really having trouble with a name since we know it is such a broad area of discussion…

    1. This is an intriguing idea for a blog. You may want to think about naming it something “mag.” Like, OpinionMag or DashMag… something hip, young but still connected to the “magazine” idea. That way the wide range of subjects is expected in one blog.

  106. Hi,

    What do you think about “the healthifier” ? Im trying to find a name for my blog/site which will be focusing on health, nutrition, exercise, functional medicine.
    I am on a path to become a personal trainer and its damn hard to find a good name these days.

    Would like to hear Your opinion.


    1. Hey Cris… this is awesome because I’ve just been talking to another personal trainer who is wanting to blog to both increase her business and build her brand. The Healthifier is an interesting name that I think wraps up what you’re talking about into one title. Which is a great thing.

      I would probably go with if it was available.

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for your reply. is not available that’s why I thought to add “the”.
        I will go with this name as it does sound good and as you said it wraps up everything I want in my blog/site.

        Thanks again.



  107. Hi Ryan…I’m wanting to start a blog that focuses on two entirely different topics, so finding a name that incorporates them both is hard.

    One topic is writing reviews on five shows (after they air) that I watch faithfully. They are all shown on the CW network…3 shows in the supernatural/vampire genre, 1 drama, and 1 comedy. They all have a large fan base so I hope to start conversations with like-minded viewers.

    The second topic is helping new bloggers with theme design, tips, and tutorials.

    Is there anyway to find a blog name that combines them? Should I combine them at all?

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    1. Wow Melissa, that’s a tough one to accomplish and here’s why:

      The readers searching for the show topics will be annoyed by blog-focused topics. Likewise, someone looking for design tips or tutorials will bounce before they wade through the latest information on vampires.

      My advice is to choose which one you’re most passionate about and start a blog focused on that. If you find you have free time, start a second blog. But trying to marry those two subjects in one blog just won’t fly with either audience.

  108. I don’t have a blog yet but am seriously debating having one. I am a teen missionary and I suck with coming up with names so I was hoping you could help me. I’d life to incorporate Albania (where i live) into the name. It’s really just gonna be about my life and I came up with some names that could work but nothing super catchy that would attract readers. Please help! <3

    1. Hi Claire, thanks for the comment. The reason I would go away from using Albania in your blog name is because you’ll have to rebrand if you ever move. You can’t see 5-10 years down the road so you really don’t want to lock yourself into something with your name. With the subjects you’re wanting to write about, you’re someone I would definitely advise to brand around yourself and your name.

  109. Hi Scott,
    I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but like most others who have left comments, I am stuck on the name. I sell Younique makeup products but I don’t want my blog to be about that (I’m sure I’ll do a post about it at some point, but who knows.) I want my blog to be centered around my life as a mom and a wife, love/loss, marriage, daily craziness in my life and just fun/funny moments (we are an entertaining kind of family). 😉
    Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You,

    1. Oh my gosh, just realized I forgot to put Mr.! Sorry!

    2. Hi Marika,

      Don’t worry about the Mr… I rarely get referred to as Mr Scott… I think that blog idea is great, but I would recommend you go with branding around your name. The only common theme around all those subjects is you… therefore the only way to make them relevant to the name, is to make the name about you. So I would go with your name, a nickname… or something that is identifiable as you.

  110. Hi Ryan,
    I love writing with paper and pen. Putting it onto a blog seemed more uphill. But, thanks for such a detailed article that cleared some grey areas and was reassuring.
    The comments and your replies to them were an added learning. I would like my blog to be much about my life experiences, travel and thoughts. I would like to help people accept the tough reality, feel consoled and encouraged. More like the chocolate icecream you stuff in for consolation. I’m aiming to connect with majorly the Indian audience. How do u bring your purpose to your blogname while keeping it personalised? I do have a “Pi” in my surname for a splash of creativity. Please do give me some suggestions. Some names I thought of are:
    Pie on a Caddy
    Thoughts of Pi

    1. I like those ideas… too bad lifeofpi is probably taken. Maybe LifeWithPi or BetterWithPi… I think you’re on the right track. In your case, your name, as well as purpose are both wrapped up in your brand. Your name may not end up making sense on it’s own without the story of why… but that’s still okay. It takes a little more work to build a brand that way, but it’s still a valuable name, especially when you’re branding through blogging.

  111. Hi Ryan,
    I have a blog on Blogspot which is mainly about my life as an expat, working wife and mom, and anything else. Now I’m planning to migrate to WordPress and get a .com one. Meanwhile, I want to change my blog name. Some ideas are GlimpsesOfPam and PostingAMemory.
    What do you think and do you have any other suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Pam… I like both of your ideas. I think their great titles for a blog, however going with your name straight. Either way, do yourself a favor and don’t go with Get hosting, buy your domain through Godaddy, and host your own blog.

  112. Hi,
    This is Karlie and Brianna! We made a blog about Music! We post things from our favorite singers and we will be posting quotes that inspire us to sing and dance, and do things we love to do! We also love being with our friends! We don’t know what to name it though! For now we just have OUR BLOG on the top but we need something different!
    Can you give us some suggestions or advice thanks! I have an important question~ How did you get your blog to become so famous that alot of people can see it? Thanks get back to us ASAP! Can you also check out our blog and give us some advice on it? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

    Karlie and Brianna

    1. First, I’m glad you guys are getting involved in blogging at a young age. You may find you can turn this blogging passion into a fulfilling career. First bit of advice, for your kind of blog, I would move to right away, unless you want to host your blog yourself, which I recommend for the long-term. There’s a huge Tumblr community that likes your type of content, so it’s the best way to get an immediate help.

      Otherwise, think about creating videos along with articles. Stay consistent with content and you’ll get more and more traffic.

      As for my blog, it takes time and work. Subscribe to my blog and you’ll get a lot of tips to help you out. Go have fun!

  113. Hey, Ryan. I’ve come up with two names. Tell me which one is better.
    SimDoesBlogging or SimBlogs ? And also suggest me some relevant names 🙂

    1. Simra, I like SimDoesBlogging… but that may be confusing. SimBlogs sounds like multiple blogs, and if I didn’t know better would think it was about simulation games, normally referred to as “SIMS.” You may try SimsBlog or SimWrites, Maybe even LifeOfSim. Just make sure your blog name connects to your subject well and you’ll be okay.

  114. Hi Ryan, Great post…really helpful… I want to start my own creative company.. I am having trouble coming up with the name. Iam thinking name since last 6-8 month..and i really gt stuck Can you help me with . we are giving services of graphics designing , animations, web designing, shooting film, documentaries etc etc…i came up with two short list name i.e “Creative Idiots” and “One Unit”.

    1. Or kindly if you can suggest me some better other name optiions…

    2. Hey Salman, Thanks for the kind words. For a creative company, funky names seem to work really well. I like CreativeIdiots… although it may be already taken. Using colors is also something I tend to like, instead of One Unit, go UnitRed, or UnitOrange… just ideas.

  115. Hi Ryan

    For two years you’ve been answering endless “Is my blog name any good?/What should I name my blog?” questions. Two years!

    I am genuinely shocked by the number of people who haven’t thanked you for helping them decide on a blog name. What’s even more shocking is that you haven’t let people’s lack of gratitude deter you from helping your community.

    It would appear that another post compiling the most asked questions and your answers to them would be rather popular, no?

    1. Hey Concerned Onlooker,

      Thanks for noticing! Wow, two years already?

      Honestly, helping people is what blogging is about for me. My blog is a education blog, it’s not a creative outlet where I let my opinions fly whether you like it or not. That’s why I keep doing it. For every request for help, it’s actually validating the value of this blog.

      In a way, people asking for help is a huge thank you. At least I know I’m providing something people value. As long as that happens, I’ll continue. It is nice when someone says thanks, though. 🙂

  116. Hi Ryan!
    Awesome post!
    I am a sophomore at a business school, and my society is trying to start a blog that incorporates submissions (written word, poems, Photographs,art pieces, inspirational human interviews, political, social commentary) from the students from my university. Kinda having trouble coming up with a catchy name. We were also debating about maybe incorporating our name into the aesthetic theme of.the blog if it allows. As you see, our content is very diverse and non specific, so even something random could do. The important thing is to develop a recognizable brand, to promote healthy discussion,creativity and reading/writing habits among our peers.

    1. Eesha,

      Sounds exciting! Thanks for the comment. Let me know what you come up with. I would love to see your blog when it gets going!

  117. Ryan:
    I am starting up my own blog and I was wondering what website you think is best for starting one. I have heard about WordPress and Weebly – also Blogger through Google. I just didn’t know which one would be best for a beginner.

    As most people do I am struggling with a name. I have tried some different ideas but they all seem so proud. I want to discuss the struggles of a chronic illness, the joys of having a fulfilling job, glamour and education. I have so many broad topics. Many of my friends would say that I am a bit of a nerd so many of my names have included that, such as:

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

    1. If you absolutely MUST use one of the free services (I hate them all) go with – However, if at all possible, I would definitely go with hosting your own blog. Here’s 3 reasons why:

  118. Hi Ryan,

    Sorry to bother you, but I am looking in to starting my very first blog but finding it really difficult to pick a name.

    Initially I wanted my blog to give advice for mature students worrying about starting University, as I`m 25 and it took a lot of courage to start University. But now I think my blog will be a lot broader and will be about other topics too, which is why I am struggling to find a catchy name.

    My boyfriend and I were wondering about using a pun with my name… like fromdawntil(something), or whether to use quirky characteristics about me, such as I always wear oddsocks.

    I know this isn`t a lot of information to go on, but the names you have suggested for others have been fantastic – so I didn`t know if you would happen to have any ideas?

    Many thanks,

    Dawnie. 🙂

    1. No bother Dawnie, thank you for commenting. I absolutely love the name “oddsocks” and I bet you could find something similar like “” or something. or would be available as well. With a broad subject, choosing a name would have to be unifying title, which in most cases I recommend using your name. But you could definitely build a strong brand around something quirky like that.

  119. Hi Ryan

    I’m one of the many new bloggers out there and completely stuck with what name I should use for a page devoted to my photography (which I recently started experimenting with). Any tips on how to go about it? The few that I have tried don’t feel very ‘me’. I don’t want to use a free domain (I prefer .com) and my last name is long and not memorable to incorporate. ‘vixpix’ was one I liked the idea of but it already exists and adding the word ‘blog’ at the end does not seem like a good idea to me.

    I know this is all quite vague and not much information – sorry about that.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks


    1. Hey Vikki, thanks for commenting. That is a tough one… maybe something like Vixposure? I do agree adding “blog” to the end doesn’t really connect with a photography idea.,,,,,… I wish I could come up with better ones but I’m afraid you’ve stumped me here. ?

  120. Hello Ryan,
    I am literally a definite beginner in “blogging”
    But the idea of having my own blog exists in my mind since forever.
    I would like to create my own blog and of course I need a name for it.
    I’ve started in Sorbonne University in September. I’m sure that I want a name including Sorbonne in it.
    Sorbonnard/e mentions the person who goes and studies there. And it’s the french thing, because of the fact I’m a girl, I have to use the word “Sorbonnarde” with “e” in the end.
    I’ve thought that it might be “JournalofaSorbonnarde” “SorbonnardeDiaries” etc.
    I want a really interesting name.
    Cause I haven’t just started a new school, I have started a new life in Paris,France.
    Do you have any interesting idea for me? I’m sure you have:)
    Thank you so much.


    1. I like SorbonnardeDiaries… that sounds like a great name for the type of blog you’re talking about starting. One reason I like it is because you can take it with you even after you graduate, because no matter where you go in life, you’ll always be a Sorbonnarde. Have you tried simply or maybe

  121. Hi Ryan,
    What a great blog you’ve got going here. Very informative, I love it!
    I’m a mom of two and I’d love to start my own blog about up cycling furniture and items around the home, (kind of interior design on a budget). But I’m a total novice about blogging. I’m stumped on a name, any ideas?
    Also, as money is tight, is it possible to start off my blog on a free platform and if it takes off maybe move to a paid one then when I have something worth paying for protecting?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi George, Thanks for the compliment!

      You have two options for choosing a blog name: Go with an obvious subject-centric name like BudgetDIYDecoration – it’s kind of obvious what the subject is with a name like that. The second options would be to create a brand name that’s unique, like Georgecore or something (bad example). Both are possible, although the unique branding takes longer to solidify but can often be more valuable in the long run.

      As for starting on a free platform, I strongly advise you not to. If you do, more than likely, you’ll get bored and walk away from your blog as there is no “skin in the game.” If you invest in it, you’ll be more likely to take it seriously and make yourself stick it out through the learning curve, and the long wasteland of building an audience. This, of course, is aside from all the other reasons I say you need to host your own blog.

  122. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the wonderful post. Super helpful!
    I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now and the idea is to basically share things that I like. Fashion, style, creative stuff, books etc. Basically, It’s going to be about my opinions, ideas, the things I like and want other people to know about. I was thinking about starting with blogger or WordPress maybe. What do you think?
    Also, I needed help with blog name. I was thinking something like ‘AditiSpeaks’ but unfortunately that’s taken. ‘AditiRants’ is another one but I’m not so sure about it. Also, I go by ‘TheCrazyCow’ on various social websites like instagram, twitter.. If that helps. Can you suggests anything interesting?
    Also, you have a great site really. Loved it 🙂

    Thank you!

    1. TheCrazyCow is an interesting name. Theres a group of young people who’ve branded on YouTube under the name BlimeyCow. Building a brand around a name like that is catchy and easy to remember. It takes a little more investment to build a unique brand like that, but it can be worth it in the long run.

      Otherwise, I would say the best way to brand your blog would be to include your name, like or

  123. Hi Scott,

    I want to start out a blog with high quality articles. These will be about extraordinary subjects concerning productivity. In a sense “modern day survival” which unfortunately is taken. But I also want to have the option to later develop the blog into a website. Because of the many topics Ive been struggling for over 2 days!! Can you give me a few examples that dont involve personal branding?

    Great blog by the way keep it up!

    1. Hi Mike – productivity without personal branding… I can try to think of some examples but it really depends on your audience which way you should go. Let me suggest something to you:

      Do some research and find out what kind of people you want to read your blog. Get about 4-5 examples of your ideal reader. Then, with them in mind, name your blog. For some personas, fun, quirky names work. For a productivity blog, you may want to be more formal in your name.

      Some ideas are to include ninja, nerd, geek, agent, etc…. like productiveninja or productivityninja or “” A more formal tone would be something like “morefromless” or MoreOutofLess… something that speaks to the WHY of productivity.

      I really can’t come up with catchy names out of the blue without knowing a lot more about your topics, but I’m hoping my rambling here did some good.

  124. Hi, so I’m new to blogging and I’m obsessing over this band called 5 Seconds of Summer, and I love penguins, fashion, and other teen stuffs? Can you help me find a name that pulls all of my interests together? Please x

  125. I am starting a personal blog about my life and specifically improving myself, trying new things etc. I loved the name Heather Blooms but it’s taken. Is it ok to use a hyphen in the domain name like

    1. Hi Heather,

      The only negativity is with recollection. Some people will go to expecting it to be you and bounce when they think they’ve made a mistake. Other than that, I think that’s an awesome blog name.

  126. I am very excited about starting a blog and will be using my own domain, but as many, I am having trouble finding which one…
    My blog is going to be about things that I do and like.
    from kids projects to inspirational, motivational texts, to beauty…
    I know it is a lot for one place, but I would like to be able to find a name that could related to what I am interested in. Like as a chat with me about things that I do best.
    Anyone with creativity flowing to help out????

    1. Hi Erica,

      I always recommend people branding around their name, or a nickname of theirs for blogs like this. The only common denominator of all of those subjects is you. So if you’re looking for a name for your blog that’s relevant to all topics, it’s you.

  127. Hi there! I’m 26 years old, and I’ve been thinkin about starting a blog and now is the perfect time since my job has significantly slowed down! I want to talk about life, things I’ve been through and how I dealt with it and what I learned. I believe I have a lot to say, and I have good advice that someone out there might really appreciate. I’m interested in becoming a counseling psychologist or life coach someday. I want a catchy name of course, something that doesn’t involve my real name in it. I like some of the comments I’ve read, things like “simply…..” or something that plays on popular things maybe, like “50 shades of life,” or anything along those lines. The only nickname I’ve ever had is fireball, but I’m not sure if that’s a good name to use somehow. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hi Chelsea, I think that’s definitely doable. With a narrow focus like that, “life lessons” type topics, going with a brandable blog name is a good idea. Maybe something like ThinkSimply or SimplyPositive… something like that works well. I would love to know what you eventually decide on.

  128. Hi Ryan,

    I think it’s awesome that you still reply to comments on this post after so long! 🙂

    I used to blog a little, and have the domain (Amber Maroo is my cat). I want to start a personal blog, but wasn’t sure whether the domain name is confusing. My IG is also @ambermaroo and sometimes people think my name is Amber instead of Charlotte.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

    Thanks, Charlotte

    1. Hi Charlotte, thanks for the kind words. I think is a cool name. It’s catchy. I might even shorten it to and use some sort of cartoon cat in the logo. I just built a blog for a family member with a guy pointing to his brain “” that uses the idea of a mascot in the logo. I like quirky names that have to be explained… it’s just a little harder to brand them but in the long run, they are just as successful.

      1. Hi Ryan,
        Thank you for responding to me, and for your feedback! I checked out – cool mascot! I love your ideas, thank you. 🙂

  129. Hi Ryan,

    I’m a 17 year old girl and I really want to start my blog and I was wondering if you could help me come up with a name?

    I’ve been trying to come up with one for the past while now but nothing I can come up with stands out enough. I plan on writing a blog about my day to day life as a teenager you know including my struggles my many awkward moments favourite films,music, tv shows, travel etc etc a bit of everything really! but I also wanted to have a name that I could continue to use when i am no longer a teenager . I came up. With a few like Dear diary and simply teenage but none are good enough and I’m really not sure if I want to have the word teenage in it but I feel if I do it will be more relatable but also restrictive.. Please help me find the perfect name 🙁 I also don’t want my actual name to included!

    Thanks, Jill.

    1. Hi jill… a few ideas come to mind. I always recommend branding around the person writing, when the only common denominator of all those subjects is the writer. So if you don’t want to go with simply your name, you could still brand around your life. For instance, or or or

      1. Thanks for the great help Ryan, and thanks for replying even though you posted this ages ago, by the way your blog is brilliant! I have actually decided to go with justteenage as the name of my blog! But thank you so much for all your help! If you would like to check out my blog I would love some feedback! Thanks again,Jill.

  130. Hi there, Ryan.

    I’ve recently been turned on to the idea of starting my own blog, due to the insistence of a few friends. I’ve always thought the idea was intriguing, and being a writing enthusiast, it only seems natural that I give it a whirl. Your post has been very insightful and probably the most helpful that I’ve seen while researching. I do have a couple of questions though, if you could spare a few minutes.

    For starters, which website host would you recommend? I’ve been weighing the options of WordPress, Weebly, and Tumblr. WordPress seems to be more polished and offer much more versatility in the creation process, but the others have their merits as well.

    Secondly, I’m completely drawing a blank when it comes to a name. It looks like you’ve been bombarded with questions about this, hence the need for the article. However, I am completely at a loss on this. I am looking to create a blog that has reviews on things such as music, movies, and literature (books, short stories, poetry, etc.). I think a catchy name, whether it be a pun or something that can have an interesting tagline, would be awesome, but this has proven to be quite a challenge.

    If you could give me a few more tips to point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it very much. I’m open to suggestions as well, if you have something you think might work.It’s also a little more comforting to know that I’m not the only one who struggles with naming so much.

    Thank you,

    1. Hey Chasity,

      Thanks for your comment! As for a host, if you absolutely MUST go with a free provider (I don’t recommend this) then choose WordPress, even the free version, is better than anything else out there. Secondly, if these reviews are your take on things, I would go with something that has your name involved… like ChasityView or Something like that. Good luck in starting the blog!

  131. Hi Ryan,

    I’e been thinking of starting a blog for a while now and thanks to your amazing advice its definitely going to happen.
    I want to write mostly about travelling but also about my never ending wanderlust to explore the world and all that is out there. Based on some the ideas that I’ve read in your previous comments I’ve come up with a few ideas and was wondering what your thoughts were or if you had any other suggestions?
    -lifeslittleadventures (I love this but its already taken)
    -little adventures of life

    Thanks for all of your great advice!

    1. Sorry further brainstorming has also lead to:
      -a girl chasing wonder (or wonderful??)
      -a girl with itchy feet
      -tales from a traveller

      1. Emily, I love your ideas. I really like FindingEmily, and I also think you could get away with or even That sounds like a really solid blog name to me. You should be able to brand around that.

  132. Hello –

    I am getting ready to start a new website. It is a website more for the things I love to do in life. I plan to have a section for recipes, a section for the all the DIY projects I do with instructions and pictures and then the third section would be my web development portfolio.

    I am thinking of a URL name like The Yummy for the recipe part and brackets for the coder part.

    What do you think?

    1. Marcy, sounds like a really great blog name. I would go with it!

  133. Absolutely loved your post Ryan & the passion you have for helping others build their very own blogs! I am currently stuck on a name, a few ideas playing around in my head! You’ve definitely inspired me. Very eager to explore your blog more. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Jessica! Good luck with your blog.

      1. Thank you Ryan!

        I have a couple of questions if you would be so kind to offer some advice please?

        I am yet to purchase my domain name / blog name. I am wishing to start a lifestyle blog, including new mum life, DIY, health & fitness, travel, favourite places/restaurants/shops/holidaydestinations etc.and eventually including an online store. Names I have been considering…

        I really wanted borncurious but it is already taken 🙁 Do you have any suggestions?

        Also figuring out where I should buy my domain name and where to host it? What would you recommend? I will be using for my blog/website.

        Any tips would be very much appreciated and is there anything in particular you think i should do prior to “launching”

        Thanks in advance. Any feedback would be much appreciated!


        1. Hi Jessica,

          Sorry for the slow reply. I thought I already had replied. The problem with the word “curious” is that it brings with it a connotation you may not want associated with your blog. BornCurious could mean a few things, not necessarily what you want it to me. I like or JessWalkerAdventures, maybe even WalkerAdventures, although that sounds like a nursing home blog. 🙂

          I like bornadventurers or even or – I hope this helps you! 🙂

  134. Hi Ryan!

    You helped me earlier coming up with my blog name which is still running and evolving. Happy with that.

    Now I’ve realized I have a big passion for music and writing about music. So I was thinking about creating a blog dedicated to music and the music/entertainment business in general.
    Any ideas on a name?

    I was thinking something like simplymusic, justmusic (as it’s similar to my other blog but they are already taken. I would mainly write about the pop industry, artists etc.

    Any help is highly appreciated! Thank you.


    1. Hey Tess, your blog looks awesome. Out of most I see, yours is better designed and has great content with variety… which is awesome.

      Ideas for a music blog title would be or – which attaches your other brand name, SBY-SimplyBeingYoung. Other ideas that come to mind are or PopTunes, SimplyJive, SimplyGroove, GrooveOfJess, JessBeats… things like that.

      However, before you launch into another blog think about the time and energy you have to dedicate to blogging as a whole. Whatever that is, it’s cut in half when you have 2 blogs. If for any reason that time is hindered by life or circumstances, the focus for each blog gets really, really cut. The result is two blogs that are running at 50-60% instead of one blog running at 100%.

      A lot of people who try the 2-blog thing end up quitting after seeing no results… which wouldn’t be a problem if they dedicated their time and focus into a single blog.

      This music thing… is it something that goes beyond adding a music category to the original blog? If so, then you have a reason to start a 2nd blog. If it’s just a passion that you want to write about once or twice a month, add that music category to and it’ll fit.

      Hope this helps!

      1. As usual you are a big help. Thank you for the lovely compliment, it made my day.

        I get your point. I have added a music category but the reason for a blog solely dedicated to it is because it’s what I enjoy writing about the most and it’s a big plus when I apply for jobs/internships in the music business.

        But I do get what you’re saying.. A little thinking is needed, thanks for your help and suggestions!


  135. Hi Ryan!

    Great post and you’ve had some really great input on comments! I am re-starting a personal blog about my family and home life. It was previously called joeandlanesmith (mine and my husband’s names), but I don’t feel like that’s relevant anymore because we now have a son and he’s a big part of the content these days. In terms of what is unique about me, I was an engineer working on fighter jets before becoming a stay at home mom, so I was trying to think of how to incorporate that into the blog name somehow. I thought of and like, but I would be grateful to hear any ideas you have.


    1. Wow, what a story Lane. When I was younger I dreamed of flying one of those things.

      EngineerMom, HomeEngineer, MommyEngineer, or something like that. The domain name you proposed is cute, but it’s kind of long. Maybe would be better? FighterJets2FamilyandPets… nah, that’s too long 🙂 TheFamilyEngineer or EngineeringFamily…

  136. Hello Ryan,
    First of all thank you for this interesting post. I’am planning to start a blog, basically to build a portfolio. I have been working in the Public Relations field for more than 15 years, but I have never dare to start a blog. I recently quit my job and started studying full time to obtain a certificate in Internet Marketing. I find this area extremely interesting and very related to PR. My idea is to start my own business as a PR/Online Marketing consultant but I don’t have any material/information out there (online).

    I thought about starting a blog related to my studies, what I’m learning, and the challenges that I’m encountering as a 42 year old that went ‘back to school’. I thought that ‘studyingat40’ could be an idea. What do you think?

    Sorry for the long story:-(

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Maribel. Your comment excited me. I think that title is great “” would connect with who you are, and what you’re doing right now. However, once you’re past that, it loses it’s meaning. You need a blog that’s going to be an asset for you now, and when you launch your consulting business. My recommendation is to go with your name, like “” or “MaribelWrites”- it’s professional and, as a thought leader for your future clients, it gives you more credibility. I literally snagged two jobs straight from my blog.

      Here’s a little advice as well, as I’m in the field you’re moving to. Study “Inbound Marketing” more than “Internet Marketing.” As a term, Internet Marketing is a personal brand, blogging and making money through affiliates, etc. Like John Chow and Matthew Woodward. However, Inbound Marketing is business-focused. I’m currently doing consulting for pretty large brands for “Inbound Marketing.”

      I suggest going to and creating a free account, then go through their Inbound Marketing Certification. It’s free, and a lot of companies are starting to require it. You can see my certs on my LinkedIN Profile here:

      1. Hello again!

        Thank you for the great advice! I have already enrolled for the Internet Mkt certificate that the University of San Francisco offers (so a bit late to change that now:-(. I started my classes at the beginning of the month. Nevertheless, your suggestion of getting certified by Hubspot sounds very interesting. I might try it afterwards. (Btw, your certifications look very nice on LinkedIn:-).

        Regarding the name, you are right. It should be something that can work now as well as in the future. I like MaribelWrites. I will keep you posted!

        Kind regards,

  137. Hey Ryan

    I’m a stay at home mom ,interested in making vlog about food ,beauty and kids and some tricks nd tips .im an indian.still scratching my head for that perfect names

    1. Rekhs, Thanks so much for your comment.

      You’re talking about the mommyblog, which is a very successful group to join. From my experience, they usually come up with a cute name that identifies their family, such as the 4Men1Lady blog. Your choice, I think, is to choose one of these three:

      1. Make your blog name include your name: either or something that includes your name like
      2. Name your blog about your family… maybe like “homerekhsers?” That’s really cheesy but you get the point.
      3. Come up with a brandable name that focuses around “family” and “home.” Such as “TheHomeWife” or something.

      I hope this helps spur some blog name ideas in your mind.

  138. Hi Ryan,
    Very helpful conversation. I am ready to publish my blog but can’t come up with a nice memorable name. You have helped a lot of people.
    I’m a French speaker but will probably publish my blog in both French and English language to wider my audience. I am a mom of 2 and a wife but I do not want this to be my sales pitch. My blog will be about how we (my husband and I) managed to build our house entirely by ourselves on a low budget but also about fixing things and homemade solution to keep everything neat. I do woodworking and redone my kitchen by myself. This will apply to our camping trips and modifications we’ve made to our tent trailers as well.
    I am killer for lists, have a passion for high heels and a total freak for keeping everything neat and at its place.
    My initial idea was:
    MyAddionnalTips (as I could end each content with something useful about the subject)

    But now reading this topic I found these:


    Any thought? (sorry about my bad English) 🙂
    Thanks for help.

    1. I love all three of those names, Molly. They all sound like amazing blogs without even visiting them. TheIdeaBubble is amazing… surprised some startup hasn’t already thought of it. 🙂

      Also, to do multi-language, you should read this:

      1. Thank you so much for your help, just to have another opinion is a big step forward. I’m a web developer and designer and I use Drupal as my CMS, but thank you for the link, it will surely help someone along the way.

        This topic is almost 3 years old and you are still helping others, this shows some major commitment on your part. Kudos to you.

        1. Hey Molly… Drupal is really the only CMS I haven’t spent a lot of time with. How does it compare to WordPress? What are some of the pros and cons for Drupal?

          1. I can’t say, WordPress is the only CMS I haven’t spend a lot ot time with. LOL…

            We can share our impression by email if you want, this would be a good startup point for a conversation on your blog. The battle of the CMS for blogging. 🙂

  139. I’m trying to think of an interesting blog user name and website name. I’m going travelling, only to Australia first but hopefully a lot more places after. With my blog I want to post my journey so my friends and family can follow me in it but I just cannot think of a good name, I need help!

    1. Maybe

  140. That’s brilliant. Thank you.

  141. Just tried to use it but unfortunately it already exists. Any alternatives?

    1. WebbsWorld, TravelWebb, WebbedFeet, WonderWebbs, WebbWonders, WonderingWithWebb, Webbgoes… there’s so many ways to go with it. I hope you find a great name. 🙂

  142. Hi Ryan, I’m Esther. My nickname is Independest (made it up). A 20 yrs old student of anatomy. I play basketball, love music,fashion and dance and I am obsessed with reading novels or books generally. Anyways I want to start a book blog and I want a catchy name that reflects me cause I want the blog to be about what I think about a particular book. I know its a small niche but do you have Any ideas?

  143. Hi, my name is Esther nickname is Independest. A 20 yrs old anatomist student. I play basketball and I love fashion, music and dance. But I am obsessed with books so I want to start a book blog. I want a name that is catchy, unique and me. I want a blog that reflects me. Pls do you have any ideas?

    1. Hi Esther. Thanks for the comment. I’m obsessed with books too 🙂 Have you tried Those are brandable names that can be identifiable with you. It will also give you the option to broaden your topics without rebranding, if you ever wanted to branch out on what you write about.

      1. Hy Ryan, thanks for the quick reply. So I was thinking, isn’t boring and generic in a way. I mean I love it cause It incorporates my nickname but to other people, would it be catchy and interesting enough?

  144. Hi Ryan.I’m so happy I came across this article because it’s really helpful.I’m starting a blog and at first I wanted to use read a couple of articles that advised that your niche has to be included in your name.I’m writing on general topics so I was thinking of going with the name blackwriter,but I’m not so sure if its a good idea anymore.Any ideas

    1. Thanks for the comment Idubamo, you don’t have to use your niche in your name. It can help if you have a dialed-in subject matter, but if you’re writing about different, general topics, branding around your name might be better. I don’t recommend going with blackwriter as bringing race into your name might be a turnoff for some potential listeners. I would stick with your name, or a brand you want to meld your name with.

      1. thanks a lot for your reply Ryan.You’ve really set me in the right part.Though,i’m having issues setting up and customizing but your blog has been really helpful.I decided to use my name anyways.Thanks.

  145. Thanks for the great encouragement you provide. I’ve put off doing a blog as long as I possibly could. But now at the ripe and “mature” age of 73 it’s kind of now or never.
    I’ve been blessed with many great, interesting and usually humorous events in my life. Provided mostly by my wild and amusingly entertaining co-workers and family members.
    I’m a co-owner/Broker of three real estate offices and I’d like to provide information about the real estate market in our area. Plus the many travels and adventures I had before my life as a realtor.
    I love life and my glass is always half full, never half empty. So I’m going to study what you suggests and will keep you posted. Take care and thanks again. SK

    1. Sarah, that’s exciting. A blog about real estate in your local are could be a huge asset for your businesses. If you research inbound marketing, it has the potential to bring you a ton of new business if done right. As far as your travels and adventures, that sounds like a personal blog. I would consider splitting them, keep the real estate for business and the personal for your personal brand.

  146. Hello Ryan,

    I LOVE your blog and all that it offers!! I feel like you have found your calling!

    I recently stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest and read this entire thread about naming a blog. Just like all who’ve come before me, I’m trying to think of a name for the blog I want to start.

    I am a creative-type who just turned 50. I have many interests from which to draw on to write a blog … I am a mother of two (one tween, one teen), I create and sell jewelry on Etsy, I love books, I can cook and love to experiment, beach combing is one of my favorite things to do, I’m an avid couponer, I’m a spicy Thai curry fanatic, and on and on. I think I should use my name in the title, but here’s where it gets tricky – people are forever asking if I spell my name with a C or a K. That makes me wonder if this will create an issue for people trying to find my blog?

    The other thing I’m wondering about is if I should tie the blog name in with the name of my jewelry shop at Etsy called Garnishments. I’ll definitely blog about jewelry-making and projects I’m working on, but not exclusively.

    A few ideas I’ve come up with are:


    I have a favorite or two, but would love your opinion. 🙂 Thank you so much for all your help!


    1. Cathy, you sound like someone that lives live to the fullest. We need more people like you in the blogging community.

      I like PaddingTheNest, simply because it gives me a mental image, and a connection to kind of topics you would be writing about. I also like CathySaysSo. You may even consider CathysBrain or something like that if you want short and simple. But PaddingTheNest is my favorite. It sounds like a really good blog name.

  147. Hi, I am an artist currently in my third year studying Fine Art at the University of Gloucestershire and about to graduate in June. I am interested in art journalism and would like to start a blog that talks about local and emerging artists (I want to write about some people who are on my course). Coming up with the right name is really hard, I want to do this blog to hopefully gain some experience writing in a journalistic way that people read as I have always written in a sketchbook that doesn’t get seen by anyone other than my teachers. I want to go onto working for a magazine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hannah, It’s these types of blogs that I’ve seen be very successful. It’s a unique space, where little competition can derail you, unlike everyone who wants to write about cooking or diy projects, this is truly an open niche. I think you’ll do very well.

      I would think your name could be something your audience would get, but anyone outside of that community may not understand. Is there any art term, or historical term dealing with artistry that you could claim as your own? If all else fails, you can do your name and become the “expert” in that field… seems like a great domain name.

      Other than that, I can think of obvious names like “BehindThePaint” or “BehindTheArt” “TheStoryofArt” Maybe even ArtMerge or EmergingArt… there’s a ton of ideas, but I’m not familiar with the artist community or lingo, so I could be making very dumb suggestions.

      Good luck!

  148. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for the helpful blog post – the comments are really useful too!

    I’m looking to start a blog about my life and things that interest me. It’s likely to include a book club element, opinions on current affairs, music, baking and beauty – having eclectic interests does not help when naming a blog!

    It seems to make sense to market the blog around me initially and I had fallen in love with the name “sincerelysarah” but the domain is not available so have gone back to the drawing board. The names I’m toying with currently are;

    – WhatSarahSaw
    – OnSarahsMind
    – AGirlPlaysKeys (idea in terms of music and keys of a keyboard when writing – too complex perhaps)

    I’d be really interested to hear any alternative ideas you may have too?

    Thank you in advance!


    1. I like OnSarahsMind, but when you use a possessive in your name, it feels weird in domain names because you can’t put an apostrophe. Maybe something like “TheKeysToSarah” Or AccordingToSarah… TheKeyofSarah… I’m just spitballing. I hope these kind of gave you a little inspiration. Of course, you could always go back to something like SarahWrites or SarahBlogs or something like that.

      Do you have any nicknames you can brand around?

  149. Hey Ryan!

    Thank you for responding to my request for help with a blog name. PaddingTheNest was on the top of my list, so I’ll definitely be using that! I appreciate the help 🙂

  150. Hi Ryan,
    First of all thanks for the blogpost- it was really helpful! I’m going to start a blog on beauty, hair, skincare, quotes and life in general. I’m going to make it anonymous as I would not like for people to know it is me. I would like my blog name to highlight the fact I’m anonymous yet also bring the idea of what my blog will be about (mainly life and beauty). For the first time in forever, I have absolutely no idea and I need your help for a name.
    Thanks in advance

    1. This is a difficult one Susie. My first reaction is to advise you against going the anonymous route… if your blog is going to be successful and worth the effort of creating, having a person behind it is a big thing. People don’t subscribe to blogs because they re well-written, they usually subscribe because they like the person behind it. Of course, going anonymous isn’t impossible, I just think it’ll be a lot more difficult.

      With that in mind, you could play it up as something like “I could be your next door neighbor” kind of thing… not in a creepy way but in a “I could be anybody” way. I still think it’s going to be very difficult to do.

  151. Hi there,

    I’ve been struggling for a few months on what to call my blog. wondering if you could help. My wordpress is and I want to include ksinghs in it. The blog is about fashion and deal finds. I will be doing outfit ideas, working out (mostly the fashion around it), and good finds. Any advice?

    1. I was thinking about a play on words…tried to find anything that rhymes with singhs…i thought about but i thought it might not go with what the blog is…not just things.

      1. Hi Kendra, working ksinghs into a name is tough. I like your idea for ksinghsandthings – the only downside I see to it is it being long and wordy. Other ideas are KSinghsWorld or KSinghsView – Maybe even just might be the best idea. It’s a toughy 🙂

  152. Hey I have been pondering over name ideas for a blog for weeks now. I can not seem to find the exact fit.
    I am the girl who pretty much does it all! Maybe explaining will help you suggest some things. Because I am actually hitting a wall on this one!
    I am a mom of 3 boys. A wife! A christian. I am a band mom as well. I am frugal and thrifty. I can cook and kinda sew. I love to sing. I am not a girly girl who dresses up but you wont find me with out my hair extensions and makeup! t-shirt and jeans and some chucks! i share a product with my mom that we created but I do not want it to be the SOLE focus maybe talk about or show a tutorial using our product. we have our own brand of chalk paint and we rehab and paint furniture sometimes for clients our website is that was chosen because we work out of our “studio” aka garages and we love the verse jer 29:11 which talks about gods purpose for us and we repurpose old junky furniture. Anyways, I love makeup and yet I also love building pallet furniture. I am so torn because I have my hand in everything. What I want to blog about is really tutorials helping others with all kinds of things from building a pallet coffee table to how to apply mascara or baking bread or even simple life things that happen. I plan to offer product reviews as well as tutorials in my blog but still talk about my boys band competition or the color I chose to dye my hair or even couponing. I want it to be very diverse!
    I am open to suggestions. However I do not want to include my first or last name! Thoughts are appreciated.

    1. Hi Amber,

      With such a wide focus maybe branding around that would make sense. Something like LivingEclectic or EclecticLife … EclecticWoman … what do you think?

  153. Hey,
    I’m blogging for my English class and I’m having a hard time coming up with a good compelling title for my blog. I’m a young Native American in the northern part of Arizona. As a senior in AP English and I would like to have a good title that represents me and maybe one that will impress my teacher. I’ve meditated over the idea of My Life As a Sage Brush but I think it’s to long.

    1. Hi Kaitlyn,

      I get jealous around English majors because they’re way more creative than I am. My Life as a Sage Brush sounds interesting, but I agree it’s too long for a domain name. You could shorten it for the domain name, and keep the long name as the brand… such as “” —- I wish I was more help but I’m not real familiar with Native American culture. However, being from Arizona, KactusKait comes to mind. 🙂 That’s a joke. (yeah, I spelled it that way on purpose 🙂

  154. I just came across your blog and it is super helpful! I have been blogging over a year and I am strongly thinking about changing my blog name. At the time I created the blog I couldn’t think of a name so I picked the name I have stylebitsandbobsofme, but now I feel like its too long and I want to change it to something. I’m a scientist that is using this blog as a way to get back to my creative outlet through DIY, style and lifestyle post. If I go through with the name change I want it to be catching in incorporate me being a scientist that does DIY, style and lifestyle. Do you have any ideas? Also, is is worth upgrading from free to Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hey, I took a look at your blog and it’s really good. It has a nice, clean look to it, and it looks like you’ve been consistent over a longer period of time than most. To answer your second question first, yes… I will always recommend hosting your own version of WordPress from is not the way to go long-term.

      For your name… maybe something like “ or StyleofScience, ScienceofStyle, ScienceStylin, BitsofScienceStyle, or ScienceandStyle, StylishScientist… there’s a ton of combinations. What do you think?

  155. Hi Im starting a blog and wanting to find the perfect name. Its lifestyle, fashion and beauty and im 16

    1. Hi Beth… have you thought about or…. there’s a bunch of ways you can go about look/fashion, and your name/nickname.

  156. Truly you are doing a great job out there thumbs up for you.
    I am a proficient electrician in house wiring and other aspects of eletrical,please I need your ideas do u think that is a good niche that will generate interest,then do you have a good name in mind for my blog.
    Few blog name I have in mind are: simply simple,simply eletrical or eletrical,looking forward for your response. Thx

    1. Hi Toyin,

      I think a blog about electrical things, especially with guidance and how-to information, will be a killer blog. You should definitely do it, and consider doing a lot of video content. I like SimplyElectrical, or SimpleElectric, ElectricalMadeSimple, SimplifyElectrical…. if you want to go crazy – simplecrtical… but that would be confusing.

  157. Hi Ryan,

    I have been struggling to come up with a blog name and was hoping that you could help.
    I have debated whether I should use my name as a brand name for the blog or come up with something trendy & hip.

    I want to start a blog about:
    Business (marketing, advertising, business tips, social media tips)
    Lifestyle ( mens style, running, healthy living, motivation posts)

    I am interested in any ideas you may have for a good name that could tie in a business & lifestyle theme for my blog.



    1. Hey Matthew,

      Those are great topics. There’s a lot of competition, but a large audience as well. So if you bring a unique take on something, you can have a successful blog. When it comes to naming it, it’s really up to you. You could name it around lifestyle or business. You could also go with your name, provided the domain name is available. If you go with your name, you’ll be building more of a personal brand, of which your blog is an extension. If you name your blog around the topic, it becomes the topic, and your personality is an extension of it.

      1. Thanks for the great advice Ryan!

        I jotted down a few name ideas and was hoping to get your opinion on which one’s you think would be a good fit.

        Find Your Greatness
        Make Each Day Your Masterpiece
        Dare to Dream
        Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder
        Young & Curious
        The World Is Yours To Explore
        Live Out Loud
        Chase Your Wildest Dreams
        Never Stop Dreaming
        Adventure Awaits
        Create Everyday


  158. Hey Ryan,
    Sheetal here,
    I wanna start my own blog for the first time. I read your blog and It is just awesome and too informative. I am thinking to write blogs in the area of Fashion which includes Clothing, accessories, hair and makeup and how to’s and the another forte of mine Art & craft which includes artistic things and DIY projects of making Frames, Paintings, Cards, Candles and lot many things which I made by myself. but I am confused about the blog title, I have referred many websites and how to’s for blog title but I could not come up with any unique blog title. Would you please suggest me a blog title for my described niche.?
    Thank you

    1. Sure! Thanks for your comment.

      I think in your case, for the fashion niche, I would go with something that connected to it. You could go with the “why” in names like “” or “” Or you could go with direct connection with names like “” or “FashionSense.” If you wanted to go my route, you could always do 🙂

      Hope this helps.

  159. Hi Ryan!

    I recently decided to start a blog. I follow a lot of blogs as it is – mostly cooking, fashion, makeup, DIYs and fitness. My initial decision to start a blog was for accountability health-wise. I’m slightly overweight and wanted to chronicle my journey to a healthier lifestyle. But, I’m recently married, turning 33, love to cook, occasionally DIY, have fun with fashion and play with makeup. So, that will definitely make its way to the blog. I’ve been racking my brain for a blog name… It’s so much tougher than I thought it would be! I am SO GLAD I found your post! While your post already has my mind churning (“A Helping of Silly”, “Ramblings of an Indecisive Mind”, “Living the Silly Life” – thinking I could incorporate Silly in place of Silvia), I’m still at a loss… Would you be able to help me out?

    Thank you!

    PS – I’m not sure what happened to my previous comment, so I’m just reposting. 🙂

    1. Hi Silvia,

      I really like the Silly Life, you may even want to think about as a blog name. It’s a good solid brand name.

      Sorry I couldn’t come up with more creative names for you but I think you’re on the right track.

  160. Namaste Ryan im new fr blogs.I wnt to start my own blog for the first time. I wnt to write on cookng (indian cuisine) and photography i hav few blog name fr my blog. Plz suggest me th gud 1 or u give me som gud suggestion fr my blog

    1. wht abt ths names lik food click, dream of housewife, cook&shoot, dream of power, tangy colours need ur suggestion or plz suggest me some nice name

  161. Hi Ryan! I am recently married and am starting a blog for our new and future family and adventures. Me and my husband love traveling and hiking in nature. I also am an art history and literary junky. I am stuck on thinking of a name that is somewhat simple, artsy and deep that is an illustration/reflection of our life! the only problem… all of my ideas are already taken! Can I have your help?

    these are some descriptive word ideas:
    impressions, odyssey, storytelling, thoughts, imagine, ponder, “life in a nutshell”, “forget me not”, creative, adventure, turning the page

    thanks for your help!

    1. Hey Amy… I like the direction you are going in. is something I think sounds great.

  162. I recently decided to start a blog. I follow a lot of blogs mostly cooking, fashion, , DIYs and fitness.
    As I consider myself a crafty person i decided to start a blog mostly about the things I create ( knitting, sewing,fashion DIY….I also love to spend time in kitchen cooking and exploring raw recipes.
    As my initials are ET I am thinking

    What do you think?

    1. I love the initials and the name idea. I don’t think makes too much sense in this case. 🙂

  163. Hi Ryan,
    This is a great post and your comments and suggestions are very creative. My Girlfriend Cerise and I have been wanting to start a blog and have been trying to come up with a name for the past few months to no avail. Our blog would be what I would consider a lifestyle blog, about basically everything from Exercise, healthy eating and cooking, home renovations, outdoor projects and landscaping, our Reef Tank, our two cats, Motorcycle trips we have done around the world, boating, travel, etc. We met in Vancouver about 4 years ago and moved to my home province Ontario 1 year later. We started living in Toronto in a condo and have now moved to the country and have a small property on the lake which we are currently in the process of overhauling.
    Based on your previous comments we should be working on creating a personal brand as we are covering too many topics to find a suitable name. This has helped TONS as we kept coming up with names about specific topics, yet we still are unable to find a suitable brand name. Any help or ideas are appreciated!

    1. lol Ryan, before reading paragraph two I was already poised to say “PERSONAL BRAND!” Perhaps you can move away from your names for a personal brand, and instead try to capitalize on the adventures. Something like “” or something in that vein. “” or “TwoHeartsOneClub” or something like that. Just ideas. 🙂

  164. Hi Ryan. Great tips. Thanks for sharing. I’m struggling with a name for months. All the ideas of names I have are already taken. I’m reading other blogs for a couple of years now and I would love to start my own. I don’t have a niche. I’d like go write about all the things I like and love. Tv-shows and movies, recipes and food, travel etc. Shortcut of my name is Sim. I tried to Google different names, but I always find sites about the Sims. (The Game) Then I thought of Simone’s cup of tea, but it looks like that’s already used by several people in different countries. I’m from the Netherlands and it’s not taken here. Maybe you have Some tips or ideas?

    1. Hey Simone,

      I think running something with Simone or Sim would be good. Remember, few people will be googling your brand name, instead most of your google traffic will come from your blog topics instead. So I wouldn’t worry about competing with Sims the game. Maybe something like RealLifeSim or LifeSim, or SimIAm…. just some ideas. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the reply and the tips! Will definitely work with that. I like SimIAm. Thanks so much! 🙂

  165. Hey Ryan,
    I’ve just recently started a blog through wordpress and have been using a fairly random name to stand in as my url before I proceed to get an actual domain.
    I really like “south of spring” because it’s pretty vague, but it’s clearly feminine (good because I feature fashion and beauty as 2/3 of the blog) and to me it sounds like it’s a little more unique and untypical, since there are so many fashion blogs out there (the other 1/3 of the blog is centered around food).
    I think it sounds catchy and it’s definitely easy to remember, but I can’t tell if it’s too vague and I’d love your professional opinion. Also, my mom randomly thought that “south of spring” may imply that I live somewhere in the southern part of the US (I live on the east coast), which is making me doubt the name a little bit. Currently it is spring, but I just liked it as a name and I mostly am attracted by the essence of spring, not necessarily the season, so do you think it would become irrelevant and awkward come fall or winter?
    Of course if you have any other name suggestions, I’d be more than happy for new ideas, because it seems as though I’m all out. (I’m kind of liking the idea of incorporating the word “taste” somewhere in the name, as in taste in fashion or taste as it relates to food, but haven’t been able to cleverly link the two).
    This blog has been incredibly helpful to me! Just subscribed!


    1. Hey Davine, I think you are on the right track for a good name, and I’m thankful you subscribed. Hopefully I’ll be able to add value to your blogging journey going forward.

      I can’t tell you how much I like South of Spring. It’s so poetic. I don’t think geography has anything to do with it, it just sounds great to me.

  166. Hi!! I am planning on starting a blog about fmakeup and skincare mostly, perhaps sometimes fashiob, basically beauty in general. I am frim lisbon, i am addicted to lipstick and i looove heavy metal, which isnt normal in a beauty blogger. I had a few ideas but my boyfriend hated them and im not sure anymore… like, heavymetalchic, lipstickinlisbon… what would you suggest? I looved some of your suggestions! Thank you ♡

    1. I like lipstickfreak and maybe metalchic… I also think including Lisbon in the title would be a cool idea. Maybe something like LisbonAndLipstick, or maybe even ScreamingStyle… Wish I had some better ideas for you but I think those connect with your “brand”

  167. Thanks so much for the fast reply!! Goes to show my boyfriend is like jon snow, he knows nothing 😛 Thank you!!

  168. Hi!
    I can’t think of a good name or adress for my new blog – I’m diving intowriting pens and stationery. The thing is that I want the blog to be my personal blog, so I’d post both pen stuff and personal stuff there. I don’t want to use my real name or a fake name, I just want a name that sticks. Please help!
    Kind regards,

  169. Hey ! Would you suggest me some creative names for a blog on Sports, where you can get the recent news about any kind of scores and even the live scores of matches.

  170. Hi! Any ideas for a blog url for a young couple’s daily life and adventure? Wanted it to sound witty and fun. Thanks! 🙂

  171. Hi Ryan. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for years. I finally feel that it’s a good time to. I travel quite a taking photos, love yoga and the spirtual journey. I would love to share my adventures and you have any suggestions? Maybe with my name–Aashika. Nickname was joe And aash. I have ‘different’ thumbs- always believe it brought me luck 😉 may be weird to put it in the name tho. I need to brainstorm!!

  172. Hello, I think this post was wonderful. I am just awful at thinking of names and I am hoping that you can help me out! 🙂 I am wanting to start a blog on something that I think is commonly blogged but. I want to tell my story. I am 20 and have knee problems that cannot be fixed until I am old enough to have replacements. I have also experienced knee injuries and have already had 3 surgeries, starting when I was a freshman in high school. I am now very limited in exercise activities and recently a friend invited me to join this supplement program. I ordered my first kit and would like to start blogging ASAP to get some post(s) about how I am feeling now and to post weight/measurements then (HOPEFULLY) show progress throughout this trail month of using this program. If there is anyone to help I would appreciate everyone’s feedback.

    PS, I am mostly blogging to hold myself accountable and for personal reflection. I also hope that if there is anyone else out there and this trial works for me then I hope to help them find the products and feel better too. But it is not intended to be a sales pitch. If people are interested and read it great! If not, it will be my public online journal! Thanks in advance for your help!

  173. Hi Ryan, I just wanted to say that this was a great post – thanks for sharing! This helped inspire me to get creative with my blog name. I had a blog for a couple years via Tumblr, but recently started anew with wordpress last month. So happy I made the switch! My blog is centralized around literally everything. I cover DIYs, school stuff, career stuff, organization, books, music, movies, advice, fitness, as well as weekly polls for fun. After reading your post, I realized I didn’t have a “brand.” My blog name WAS All Sunshine and Sprinkles, which was cute I guess, but didn’t bring the audience I was looking for. After reading your post, I changed it to The Quite Contrary Side of Mary (Mary, Mary Quite Contrary was one of the few nicknames I had growing up – and one of the two nicknames I didn’t mind!) and of course, I added my name in there to personalize it more. Within 24 hours of making the switch, I gained 30 more viewers than I normally have in a week! So for that, I thank you because you inspired me to brand myself better. Plus, I like my new blog name compared to what I had before. 🙂

  174. Hi Ryan,

    This was a really nice post — thanks a bunch! I need some advice on a good blog name. I want to blog about life in general…like stuff I discover as I get older and make new connections and the occasional trip down memory lane. The thing is, I kinda don’t want to put my name in the title…I have no idea why, but I never liked that idea (Although if the name is really good [even though it incorporates my name], I’ll use it.). Anyway, some ideas I have are: (although this might give some people a different idea)

    Hope you can help 🙂 Thank you!

  175. I have 2 home businesses that I would like to create blogs and websites for each of them. In do this I would like each business to intertwine with the other. One business offers healthcare discounts (not insurance) and the other business offers health and wellness products. I am seeking suggestions of blog/domain names. I’m a single woman seeking survival with my many chronic illnesses and wish to save the world with my discounts and products. Words that pop in my head are

  176. I know this post Is from awhile ago so I hope you still respond. Im trying to find the perfect name for my blog. Ive loved taking pictures of simple ordinary things such as the sky or the dog running through the fields. Recently I decided to share them with the world through a blog, but the catchy part is trying to come up with a name, and you would be a life saver if you could give me some ideas.

  177. Hi there, Ryan.

    So, this post was made about 3 years ago next month. However, I searched in “how to come up with a writing blog name” and your article was one od many that I clicked on. I have to say, your article was also the only one that seemed to help me! Thank you for that! Furthermore, I read through several of the previous comments and you seem to give helpful advice. I am a young girl who enjoys writing with a passion. I have decided to create a blog of my own with snippets of the novels that I am working, poems, haikus, and other random things. I have decided to make my blog with WordPress and I am thrilled about that. A bit off topic, sorry, but to continue, I haven’t come up with a direct name yet.

    I am wondering if maybe inspiration is not striking me in the right place, or maybe you are just better at coming up with names… so, if you could, would you mind giving me a few examples. I don’t think I want my name in the domain, however, anything catchy/unique about a blog focused on writing would be helpful! I do plan on making a second blog (as you mentioned in your podcast) on other things like recommended songs, funny videos, suggested vloggers/bloggers, and other things. This one will not be on my writing blog but other names for this type of blog would be helpful as well! Thank you so much for your time and I truly hope you respond to this… Please feel free to e-mail me if necessary. Thank you, again!

    — Haleigh —

  178. Hi, I really like your blog and especially this post. I am thinking about starting a blog and after reading through many of your blog posts I have narrowed it down to a couple of names but I would like to ask you privately, is there any way I can email you? Thank you for your help!

  179. I would like to start a blog about everyday life kids recipes advice daily news anything and everything need a great name

  180. is LaaTiiDaa too much of a kid direction for a lifestyle blog? That definitely isn’t the direction i want to go.

  181. Hey Ryan,

    I, like so many others who have commented on this post, googled “how to come up with a creative blog name” and your article came up. I am still having and issue coming up with an idea that is creative and unique, yet rememberable. I am in the research phase right now, so I am not even sure I will follow through with this idea if I don’t have enough interest. Anyway, one to my idea.

    I want to set up a site where bloggers can come and write guest posts, targeting mostly those who are new, to gain traffic to their site. There will be a little bit of everything on there just to help bloggers get their name out there. If you could help me come up with an idea, or email me, that would be great!


  182. hi, i’ve been looking for a blog name for a long time. can you please help me with it ?

  183. Title for a beauty and life style blog

  184. I’m looking forward to start my photography blog but could not decide a name. I tried Colorfuldesk but didn’t like it much. Please suggest something. Thankyou!!

  185. Hi!! I’ve been looking forward to starting my photography blog but couldn’t settle on a blog name. I tried Colorfuldesk but didn’t like it much. Please suggest. Thankyou!!

  186. hi Ryan, first of all, I love your post. It really helped me. But somehow, all the names that I create is already been taken. I wanted to create a blog about life and how to overcome problems and just enjoying what we have right now. and I usually reference it to the bible. I am also from the Philippines and I wanted to have a blog name that would suit where I came from. but really, I have been so bad at creating names. anyway, I would love you to help me out. Thank you and God bless.

    1. how about

  187. so basically, im thinking to start a bog on cricket n football, along with on Gaming n tech … i know thats a bit broad , but can u suggest some good names..

  188. Hi!
    I am thinking to write a blog about my personal life.
    its what my psychiatrist suggested as i am going through pretty rough patch in my life.
    please suggest a name and as it’ll be one of those anonymous kind of blog so i’d not be revealing my name.
    names that i have thought of are: hope, just a simple girl, heart speak truth, road from no where and like these ( you got the drift)
    please provide with some creative names.
    Thank you!!

  189. hi
    i want to create a blog with my cousin.

    its a cooking blog about healthy food, and easy cooking. any idea?

  190. Hi Ryan,
    HELP!! I am overwhelmed and excited at the same time. I entered a contest for a chance to be on a creative design team for May Arts, an online ribbon wholesale and newly created retail site. YEAH! I was chosen to go on to the finalist round, but need to come up with a name for my blog, create a blog and create my project all within the next 4 weeks. I love creating flowers from fabric, lace, ribbons, buttons, beads, etc. And if I am chosen for the design team, this will be the main focus. I am having a mental block with coming up with a name. I am a fun loving person who could open my own store with all the supplies I have. When I am in a creative mode it looks like a craft store exploded!!
    Here are a few thoughts I had:
    Ribbons to Roses, Ribbon Obsession, Ribbon-aholic…..

    Any ideas??
    Stuck in my own head,

  191. This is like the best post ever….l been looking for help all this while and came up with this.I have recently started a blog ,simply because l love to write but lm not sure whether its something for me or not .i want to make it a lifestyle blog incorprating everything l love…ie hair,beauty,health and fitness,fashion and advice …but the prob is am not sure about the name
    i thougt of using my name but how? therealzelda,its zelda? Zeldas thougths? Am confused it would be nice if you look at it n help me a bit … pictures yet am still setting it up ….

  192. Hey Ryan!

    So I just wanted to start up a life-style blog which would differ from others in the aspect of display, design, and it would be a bit more “tips and tricks” type things? Some food ideas, room decor, party decor, a bit of everything really. So that being said, I was going to name my blog “BitOfEverything”, I could use some feedback on that. What are your thoughts?

  193. Hi Ryan,
    I’ve currently got a blog on Blogger, but would love to move to WordPress as its so much better. This gives me a chance to change names, I write music reviews and interview artists, have you got any creative ideas? I’ve currently gone with Thomson Music Reviews.
    Amy T

  194. Good Morning Ryan,

    First of all I want to thank you for having such an informative blog. You’ve helped many people with creating a good name. I am stuck on trying to figure out what name to give me blog. I’ve tried using my name in it, but it just sounds so weird like quennieslifeandbeauty. I want to create a blog about beauty and perhaps life. I love the color pink, I love apple devices and beauty of course. But I’m just stumptified when it comes to creating a name that would include life and beauty. Can you please help with some ideas?

    Thank you,
    Quennie M

    1. I don’t know if it would help but also love Disney! Mickey and Minnie!

  195. Hi Ryan,
    Not sure if you are still available through this post. but I sure would love your help! My family of 4 (Husband and boy/girl teenage twins) are moving out of our house and selling everything so we can live full-time in a travel trailer. For the first year we are going to stay put as my husbands business is successful in our area and we can save quite a bit by living in our trailer. After that we would like to work and travel as I do wedding photography and my husband wants to start going to automotive trade shows to sell his detailing products. Besides our business we also homeschool and are involved in church. We would love to start a new blog which will be the hub for our family adventure and our other business websites. The only thing I don’t want is something specific to traveling or living in a trailer as our ultimate goal is to settle in Oregon and to purchase a home. I love the movie Wizard of OZ and was thinking of something like “” although that’s taken. With that being said we would have a designer design a blog header with our truck pulling our trailer down the yellow brick road with our family skipping behind (and our daughter with our tuxedo cat in a basket). Just not sure if this would be a good idea or not. We want something where others can follow us on our journey whether it’s regarding travel, homeschooling, business or home living. I sure would love your input on a creative blog name. Also our last name is Hohe (pronounced Ho(no) He(she)). Just not sure we want to use our last name in the blog though.
    Thanks so much,

  196. Tnx for ur being so helpful…I’m from Africa.. D blog name i have is:
    -Everyday with Ginika.
    Please what do u suggest?
    Gonna be writing on poetry,diary,literature,write ups,nature…my life,my hobbies.

  197. I’m looking for help like everyone else with a name for my blog. Its going to start locally with people events and advice. Book, tv and movie reviews. I like words like boss connection social truth

  198. Hey Ryan,

    Its my first time creating a blog. So I’m not really sure what to name it. The content of the blog is mainly going to be pictures of Wildlife and Birds. Basically very nature oriented. I’m just doing it as a hobby. So nothing professional. If you could suggest a few creative names for my blog it would be great.

    Thank you,

  199. I am just starting my website: A blog about my lifestyle, food, interests, etc.

    At first I really liked the name Glitter and be Gay. It matched my personality, and fit in perfectly with my design. However, I soon realized that people would take Gay to mean the wrong thing: I meant it as a lighthearted adjective.

    Any other ideas?

  200. Please, I have the zeal to blog and mainly to motivate young souls “youths” that are despair, or/and that have lost hope. Who instead of pressing on, couldn’t but gave up..
    My blogging objective and goal is to bring hope to the hopeless and restore with my little write up shattered dreams.
    Ryan, there was a quote that pop up in my heart while thinking of the name or title that best suit my blogsite “many hours of discouragement will arise before the appearance of the rainbow of accomplished goals on the horizon”
    Help me with this quote and toss out a name from it.. thanks in anticipation.

  201. Hi Ryan,
    I am not sure if you are still responding to comments but I am interested in starting a blog about beauty, fashion and life that empowers and inspires people. I am in need of a creative name, I was thinking of using OfficiallyEbony, but that is my only idea and I would like some opinions on it.

    1. Maybe OfficiallyEverything would be good, I am really not sure!

  202. I am interested in starting a blog that focuses on banking service experiences (good or bad) and contemporary banking issues. I have come up with the blog name “In4banks” (Infobank or having it in for banks with service failures). Please what do you think of the name? Do you have any other suggestion

  203. I want to start a blog that will be anchored on celebrity news..could you help me with a blog name that will befit such adventure…I would be obliged for your prompt reply..thanks

  204. Hey Ryan! I just started a new blog. Its actually about my everyday life, travels, what’s it like to be confident, young, fiercely independent. More like a sneak peek into whats the life of a med student, with the fun, the gory and the interesting parts.

  205. Hi Ryan,

    It looks like this post may not be monitored any-more. but encase it is I would love some assistance. I have been unemployed for 6 months due to my employer sending jobs off shore. I have joined a business selling nail products and wraps. So really want to a blog to give people various information about care and applications.
    I am TERRIBLE at names. And I have been informed I am not allowed to use the actual company name in the blog name which makes it tricky. I have been sitting here for days trying to come up with the perfect name so I can register a domain and et my word press blog up and going.

    Any suggestions on where to start or idea would be amusing 🙂

    Love your blog too btw 🙂 So much great info here!

  206. Hi Ryan
    Am trying to create a blog ,where i can post the photographs of nature captured by me,
    i love writings and want to post some short stories ,and little poetry ,
    some home remedy tips and even Lyrics ……..
    suggest me to be uniquely identified for the objectives said above

  207. Hi Ryan, I’ve really enjoyed reading this post and all the comments with your responses. I’m finally at the point where I’m ready to start blogging after it being suggested to me many times over the past couple years. I have been working on getting things written out and organized before actually taking the plunge, of course the main thing holding me back right now is the name. I’ve come up with a dozen names and all are taken.

    I’m a recently divorced mom of three starting from scratch and want to write, what I would call a rambling blog. Basically a bit of everything. Budgeting, organizing, and recipes would be a large part of it. Also journaling I suppose you would call it, about the kids, books, tv shows, etc. I was thinking of Spending on Happiness but not sure if that’s too long or would work with my blog. This is a blog which I hope to not only share my thoughts and give tools, such as spending plans and budget meals, but inspire finding happiness with whatever your situation currently is.

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  208. Hey! I’ve seen you’ve been helping people with blog names, I want to start a blog and talk about a range of things from make up to self confidence to monthly favourites ,music ,films, pets , why Christmas is my favourite holiday, etc. I thought of the name ‘ ThePrettySmallThings’ I don’t want to include my name in the title as I’m not sure how this will turn out and I want my identity to be private for now.

  209. Hey
    I am just a year old in the blogging world and I do not blogging about something in particular.Not yet at least.I blog about whatever I feel like sharing;like food,fashion,my experiences,my life etc.
    And I really want a catchy and suitable title for my blog.Can you help me with it?

  210. Hi!
    I have a big following on Instagram and wanted to use the same Instagram name on my website, however it is taken. Any suggestions to how I should approach picking a new name so it makes sense to my followers? My Instagram name is @yoga_lovely btw.


    1. Thought about or something like that. For instance, when I started looking, was taken… so rather than pay tons of money for it, I put “the” on the front and ran with it.

  211. I am thinking of making a “mommy blog” I am a SAHM of 2 bio kids and 3 bonus kids I was thinking of calling it “Two and Three Plus Me” does that sound ok lol

    1. I guess I should have mentioned a little about myself so here it goes…I became a bonus mom to the 3 bonus children back in 2009 and in 2012 I had my first child and just recently had my second, my husband and I have been married since 2011. I decided to start a blog about my crazy life as a stay at home mom, the everyday joys/struggles of being a bonus parent, and to start my journey in getting my health and fitness back in check (I feel that if I right out for the world to see I can’t go back I have to stick to it). So with that said that is why “Two and Three Plus Me” came to mind or should I reorder the way I have it to say “Me Plus Three and Two” lol idk maybe I am just over thinking it haha

    2. I think it sounds catchy. You need to have an ‘about me’ page that explains what that means. But once people get to know you, I think they’ll feel like it’s a fun name they will remember.

  212. Hello there Ryan. I’ve been thinking on making a blog and I just don’t know what name I could put up to. My blog is basically about beauty, books and travel.

    Here’s what I got though…


    Anyways, read your blog and its very helpful. Thanks from the tips 🙂
    Hoping you would reply. 🙂

    Thank you. x

    1. I like SimplyZahra best… it’s… simple. But my opinion really isn’t the one that matters. You need something you like, and something you think will fit for years to come.

  213. Hello Ryan, Having my own blog has always been what I wanted for some time now,but almost all the names on my mind or created has already been taken. My blog will be about fashion and beauty. Please, Help me with some ideas. I will really appreciate it and be grateful.
    Thank You.

  214. Hello, I’ve read so many websites about starting a blog but my biggest issue is a domain name and name in general for my blog. I’m a dancer, and I want to start my blog to bring attention back to the real meaning of dance along with nutrition and health tips and occasional beauty tips. But my main focus is dance and I can’t come up with anything! I came across a ballet term “changé” meaning to change but I’m just not feeling it. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated please 🙂

  215. i have a book blog all set up with articles ready all i need is a name and i cant think of anything

  216. Hi Ryan,

    I came across your article while trying to get my blog started. I am a teacher by trade and absolutely love reading and literacy. I work a lot with technology and integrating it into my curriculum, specifically into reading and literacy. I want to create a blog that discusses the need, impact, and ways to utilize technology in literacy instruction. I also would like to write about different methods and growing trends/push back/ policies regarding literacy instruction. I am so stuck on the name for my blog. I am trying desperately to keep it short, make it memorable, and allow it to hint at what I am writing about. I’ve spent nearly a week now and have yet to come up with anything of substance. Is there any way you could help me out?

    Thank you so much for writing this wonderful article and for taking the time to read my comment.

  217. Hi Ryan,
    I’m thinking of moving my free wordpress blog to a website. I wanted the domain name to be georgefelix dot com. But it’s taken.
    My blog is about inspiration, motivation, love, society, teenage, relationship, self love, and all day to day experiences. Basically, it’s a personal blog.
    I wish I could get George Felix . Com
    Please help me out. I’m comfortable with adjectives in the domain name as far as George is present. Thank you.

  218. Hi Ryan! I am Nnenna, a plussize model, first generation American, born to Nigerian parents in Brooklyn, NY. I have several nicknames derived from my middle name (Onyekachi) including Onyeka and Kachi. Without a doubt I find your blog to be insightful. This post is everything, very helpful and has definitely got my brain thinking. Currently, I am working on starting a blog and would like your help selecting a name.

    My blog’s focus is geared towards curvy or plus size women on how to live a healthy fabulous life. It is about body positivity, celebrating healthy curves. I want to talk about health: mind, body, soul. I feel all 3 must be in sync in order to be live a fulfilling life. So, it is health, fitness, recipes, style, beauty, and travel. I also want to begin a weight loss journey and talk about that. Though I am a plussize model who loves and celebrates her curves, I myself want to be healthier and not develop or have to battle any future illnesses due to being obese; but still be a champion for embracing one’s curves.

    I am struggling with creating a name for my blog. Any comment/feedback you can give would be most appreciated.



  219. So my biggest frustration in picking a name is that the name are TAKEN! LOL!

    1. Kristine… yes, that is super frustrating. It’s even more frustrating when no one is using the name you want and it just sits there. You can always contact people to ask about purchasing it, but rarely do you get a good one for less than $200 that way.

  220. Hello 🙂

    You Have such an interesting post. As usual, I got here because I need help. I want to have a personal blog, yet I have no idea on what ill I name it. Then, i think of something, can I just ask you of some ideas.

    -The Rag Doll’s Blog
    -Coffee with Pixie
    -PA’s Fantasy world
    -The Pixie Doll’s Flying Thoughts
    -It’s Pixie the Rag Doll
    -A Trip To Pixieland

    You can also suggest me some ideas. Thanks

  221. Hi Ryan! This blog and especially your responses to all the comments has been really helpful. I’m currently in te midst of changing my blog name, as I’m not too happy with it. As a (Dutch) writer I’ve had a lot of blogs and I’m always wrecking my brain over what to choose as a blog name.

    I’m writing about the good in life, changing things for the better and my dreams of spreading love like peanut-butter while traveling the world.
    I thought about
    As I like the idea of leaving footprints with a bit of humor on the side.
    But I’m not sure that makes the topic of my blog clear.
    Any thoughts?
    Thank you!

  222. I have been thinking for a while now about starting a blog. I am seriously into everything from heath & body issues, to natural living, to cooking (I’m a chef), to parenting (also a mom lol), to crafting… Would the name LifeOfALarkin be to simple and plain? My name is Ki’ara Larkin but there is apparently some really young girl named Kiara Larkin already all over the internet so I don’t want people to search for me and constantly get redirected to all her sites. And suggestions?

  223. I have been thinking for a while now about starting a blog. I am seriously into everything from health & body issues, to natural living, to cooking (I’m a chef), to parenting (also a mom lol), to crafting… Would the name LifeOfALarkin be to simple and plain? My name is Ki’ara Larkin but there is apparently some really young girl named Kiara Larkin already all over the internet so I don’t want people to search for me and constantly get redirected to all her sites. And suggestions?

    Sorry I rewrote this but I hate typos lol. Typing and talking to a child do not go hand in hand hahaha

  224. Dear Mr. Scott,

    i m from India (HR Recruiter). i m planning to start a blog related to share my experience and topics such as talent acquisition, leadership, hr business policies and gender equality at work place (specially for 3rd gender. it is my main concern). its little hard for me to choose a suitable name for my blog.kindly suggest me a simple and unique name.

    1 hr social (not available)
    2 hr equal-ism
    3 hr socialist (available)

    request you to suggest any suitable name.

  225. Hi
    I am going to start a lifestyle blog about random things like beauty and stuff but every week I want to have a new theme and blog about stuff about the theme and stuff that I have been into and I want to become an inspiration person do u have any ideas how I could put this into a blog name? If so please help it would mean so much!

  226. I am wanting to start a blog about being a busy fit mom. It will be about my fitness journey so it will have recipes as well as motivational quotes, I am a busy mom so it will talk about the as well…any name ideas? I am thinking something witty almost like coffeeandcardio but I’m worried because it will not just be cardio there will also be weight lifting as well…

    Thank you,

  227. Hi,

    Thanks for the great article. It was very helpful!

    I am debating between a few different options. The blog will be philosophical in nature, but by no means academic. Just everyday realizations and advice…sorta thing. Anyway, here are the options: (still negotiating domain, not guaranteed)

    What do you think?

    Thank you!

  228. I stumbled on this today while researching how to start a blog.This has been very helpful. Especially the part of sharing what you write with the people you know . I am having difficulty getting a blog name. I am writing my thoughts, short stories and information on the modern women as a wife, mother, sister, employee, entrepreneur, her life, love laughter and luxury in a friendly informal chit chat sort of blog – quite broad but basically my thoughts on women. Hence the name 21stcenturybelle. Others like today’s belle and modern belle had all been taken.
    What do you think?

  229. Hi there,

    I’m a desperate housewives in need of something for me. Love to travel, obsessed w cooking and decorating. I live at 3 homes poconos, historic town living and beach life in Florida. Would love to blog about my life w travel cooking and decorating. Do you think Simply Christine or Life with C is to general or not sticking with my subjects.? Thank you in advance for your expertise!

  230. Hi Ryan,
    Not sure if you are still replying to the comments/question but thought I would give it a try. I want to start blogging and turn it into an income so I can be a stay at home wife/mother. I just recently had my 3rd child and am having to return back to work in 1.5 weeks is killing me. My blog would be about any and everything of course with my experiences hoping to teach others what I have learned through out life. I have a very common married name (Shannon Johnson) but was thinking of using my maiden name (Tenley) in my domain. Can you help with some suggestions? Here are a few ideas…
    Shannon’s stuff
    Seek Shannon
    Tenley Talk

    I don’t know!

  231. Hello…was searching online and i came across this article. It has helped alot. Am currently in the process of starting a blog. However my blog will be about a range of things. Reading, current affairs, books, fashion, makeup, health, exercise, advice, stories and a whole lot more. It will not just be limited to one thing. My name is Kyi and i wanted to incorporate a title including my name. I was thinking KuriousKyi, Kyi’s world, KreativeKyi, RealisticallyKyi….or something to that effect. What would you suggest

    1. Kyi,

      I think I would stay away from things like “Kyi’s World” because the apostrophe can lead to confusion in things like email and url, etc. I would go for the alliteration like KuriousKyi or something along that line… alliterations have a ring to them that make them easy to remember.

  232. Hey Ryan, Okay so im really new to this blogthing and i wanted to start my own blog on word press. Could you give me any good blog names im basically going to post stuff about life

    1. Ruth,

      You didn’t give me much to go on 🙂

      1. Im sorry okay so im gonna talk about how you need to believe in yourself, how your worth more than you can imagine, how you need to love yourself first before anyone else and thing that could make you feel beautiful and happy

        1. Sorry for the slow reply, Ruth. I’ve been at a marketing conference all week.

          I think there are a lot of potential names for your blog. – – – –… ultimately, you have to find the name that you feel captures your vision.

  233. Hi Ryan,
    Can you help me think of a blog title?
    I’m an Interior designer and I would like to make an informative and fun, House and Garden blog with all my Home Makeover projects.It’s going to be about beautiful interiors, more organised homes and creative DIY decor. However as I’m a hardcore environmentalist, I would also love to preach of ways to live and eat green. So the keywords of my blog would be dwell, decor & healthy food and garden. But I can’t think of a creative way to combine these keywords into the blog title. I thought of names like ‘Humble Earth’ and ‘Down to Earth’. But these titles seem to only emphasise the green part of my blog and not the designing aspect. I also thought of ‘Dwell Decor’, ‘Design Helpmate’ but this only highlights the designing aspect. I want my blog title to give equal relevance to both the designing aspect and the green aspect.

  234. Hi Ryan!

    First, I would like to say how impressed I am that you’re still responding to your post and helping readers three-something years since posting this originally! Major props! 🙂 That being said, I’m completely stumped on a name for my blog. I’ve been thinking and researching for days now, and everything I seem to think of is already taken!

    I would like to start a travel, art, and photography blog. To be more exact, I would like to have a place where I can write about my adventures and also have a place where I can promote my art (drawing and painting) and photography. Both are completely tied into and inspired by the places I visit, so they’re like postcards from the places I’ve been to.

    I would really like to include the word postcard in there somehow, but everything I can think of is already taken. 🙁

    Thank you for your help!

    1. It seems like PostcardsAndMemories is available. The Pictures I Remember – ImagesandMemories, ImagesOfMemories, TakingMemories, My favorite:

  235. Hey Ryan,

    Great post! Also your reasons to host your own blog was really insightful and I hadn’t even considered not using the standard version.

    I’m going to do a 6 week tour of the U.S next year – being an Englishman from jolly olde means it’s all quite exciting – and I wanted to blog my venture.

    I read a lot of your above comments highlighting how you should try and use your own name when making a personal blog but my parents gifted me with the blandest name ever and ‘Marc’ feels clumsy in a blog title, or I’d go with marcmeetsamerica or something.

    ‘Across the pond’ maybe?

    Any suggestions to get me through this mess? 😛


  236. I’m trying to make a blog about the New York Yankees…..there’s so many! I have no ideas

  237. Hi Ryan!

    I am a 24 year-old girl and I’m planning to relaunch my blog which will focus on lessons about faith, relationships with people, and personal realizations about life. I will be featuring insights I will be getting from the Bible and from conversations with my friends, family and colleagues. It aims to inspire young men and women to appreciate the things that really matter in life. My name is Janine and I am thinking of Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

  238. Hello. I want to start a personal blog but I can’t find a good name. I have traveled a lot and never really settled down. I plan to do some more wandering until I find a place to settle but would like to set up the blog so that I can post some past travels. I love scuba diving, animals, sailing, travel.

    🙂 Help
    Any good ideas. My friends has a blog called “Roaming About – A life Less Ordinary” which I love but obviously can’t use.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  239. Hello,

    I am creating a blog on body positivism, including fashion, fitness, and lifestyle. I am having such a hard time coming up with a name and wondered if you have any input on it? I want something creative and nothing that includes my name in it. Any thoughts?

    Also, great post! Get’s you really thinking and all of the comments are helpful as well!

  240. Hi Ryan! My daughter (she’s 13 reason for me being involved) and I are thinking about starting a blog/Instagram story. My daughter is a competitive dancer and has been since she was 6. She was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was in kindergarten and was just recently diagnosed with sever scoliosis. We would like to share her story and hopefully inspire others who suffer from set backs to not give up. We are having a hard time coming up with a name for the blog that catch peoples eye but will also let them know what it is about just from the name. Any suggestions??

  241. I have been following the comments you give to people struggling with getting creative domain names.
    I am also struggling to get a name for my blog that i wish to start. I am a passionate reader of academic, inspiration and general books. I wish to share what I read with other people by way of bookreviews and posting of reading trends in my country as well as case study videos on reading. Please help me choose a name that does not have my name among these;
    Any other toughts for me?

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