Finding the Best Topics You Should Write About On Your Blog

Coming up with topics you can write about on your blog isn’t always easy. Sometimes we have a lot to talk about, and a ton of ideas to write about. But then, there are also the times where nothing comes to mind.

There is a way to brainstorm amazing topics that you can write about, and your audience will love. These topics will also increase your search engine traffic if you do it right. Let’s talk about how to come up with the topics your readers will want to read!

What Should I Write About On My Blog?

First off, you need to know who you want to read your blog. Who would be interested in what you have to say? Once you know that, content will come much easier.

Example Audience Persona for a Fashion Blog:

  • Amateur fashion designers
  • Teenage girls who want to be fashionable
  • College students studying fashion
  • Designers interested in starting their own label
  • Single men looking for fashion advice

Each one of these has their own set of issues, questions, and concerns. Understanding each persona, and their associated issues will give you all the topics you will ever want to write.

Exercise 1: Define Your Audience

Figure out 4-5 personas your blog would target. Don’t skip this step, it’s vital.

You need to think of what kind of people would be interested in your viewpoints, or asking the questions you are looking to answer on your blog.

For this blog, here are a couple of my target personas:

For the beginner bloggers, there’s a ton of issues, concerns, and need-to-knows I can create content to address. For the Hobby Bloggers looking to take their blog to the next level, there’s a new range of issues to cover.

A good example of this, both beginner bloggers and hobby bloggers struggle to consistently come up with topics to write about on their blog. Hence, this post.

Exercise 2: Question and Concern Brainstorming

The absolute best kind of content you can create on your blog is the content that addresses the questions, concerns, or fears of your target audience. That kind of content makes their lives better, and they love to read it and share it.

For this exercise, you need to brainstorm all the issues that could be facing your 4-5 target personas. (What questions are they asking? What are their problems? etc…) It doesn’t matter how amazing or dumb you think the question is, if it’s an issue facing your personas, you write it down in the list.

Make as long a list as you possibly can.

Exercise 3: Rate by Importance 1-10

Do your best to put them in order of importance. For instance, knowing how to build an audience is much more important than knowing how to sell to one. So my rank for building audience questions and issues would be 10, selling to them would be a 6-7.

Exercise 4: List Article Titles That Address All Those Concerns and Questions

Now that you have a long list of concerns and questions, you need to start answering those. For each question on your list, create a blog title for an article that will address that question.

Always keep in mind how people use Google to search for things. If someone’s question is about their ideal body weight, they won’t be searching on Google for “Ideal Body Weight, 10 Things You Need to Know.” They’ll probably be searching for something like “how can I find my ideal body weight.” So your blog title should be close to how they search, like “How To Find Your Ideal Body Weight.”

For instance:

In preparing for this article, I did a search in Google to see what Google suggested for related searches. This is what Google showed me:

What Should I Blog About?

Those suggestions that fall down are common searches. So I knew, I had a good article that plenty of people across all different kinds of blogs would be interested in. So I created this blog to answer those questions.

You’re reading it aren’t you?  See what I did there?

Exercise 5: Make a Publishing Schedule

Once you’re done with the first 4 steps, you should have a huge list of topics of things you can write about on your blog. Now, you need to create a schedule and stick to it. Don’t stop or change your strategy until you’ve written at least one posts that addresses each question.

For most bloggers, this is literally a years worth of content.

Come back when you’re done, and tell me how much traffic you’re getting. I bet it’s a lot more than you thought you would have by now. 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.


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