The Best Camera for Blogging: Take Amazing Photos and Videos Without Spending Big

Blog posts with images get a staggering 94% more views than blog posts without images.

Yeah, that’s why you need a camera for blogging. You don’t want to spend all your money on stock photos. They’re impersonal, and usually just plain dorky.

So does a series blogger need to shell out a lot of cash to purchase a high-end camera? No.

In fact, the best camera for blogging may already be sitting on your desk…

The Best Camera for Blogging Photos and Videos

Technology is racing. New products are coming to the market all the time – new cameras are being added all the time and image quality is increasing. You don’t have to spend thousands on a camera and lenses for every situation. If you want the best all around camera for blogging, look no further than your iPhone.

Granted, for advanced control of the shot, a full DSLR is probably better. It’s easier to get the shallow depth of field with a DSLR camera and a low aperture lens.  It’s also easier to create the boca effect when you can dial in the depth of field as well.

For this reason, I use a Canon T3i for a lot of photos, or when I want a really “produced” video look. In the fund raising video below, I used the T3i.

But most people are surprised to find out that, in the world of content marketing, amateurish video performs better than produced video.

Think about it… When you’re scrolling through Facebook, which videos catch your eye?

  • The well produced video that is probably selling you something?
  • Or the candid video that looks like a glimpse into someone’s life?

Regardless of which one you picked, the data says option #2 is the winner.

So go ahead and shell out the money for a DSLR camera and a few lenses. They are fun to play with.

But if you want to be a blogger with great videos and photos without additional investments, the best camera for blogging is definitely the iPhone.

Using the iPhone Camera for Blog Videos and Photos

The iPhone has come a long way, and with the release of the iPhone 7 along with it’s updated camera and awesome performance in low light… it’s getting to be a no brainer. The best photos you take are probably going to be on your phone.

Let’s look at the advantages of using an iPhone as your blogging camera of choice…

Benefit #1: You Can Make Your iPhone a DSLR (Kinda)

There are a lot of apps and lenses that can turn your iPhone camera into a DSLR… of sorts.

The most popular apps to turn your iPhone into a DSLR-ish camera are Camera+ and Pro Camera 7. These apps add a lot of extra controls, giving you some extra power of your iPhone camera that can allow you to accomplish some of the same kind of photo effects comparable to a DSLR.

Using external lenses gives you greater control of the image composition and focus. In fact, there’s an entire guide for using add-on camera lenses for your iPhone. I recommend reading it here.

Here’s a timelapse video shot on an iPhone with an external lens. Yes, this is an iPhone video.

Benefit #2: There’s a Whole Community of iPhone Photographers

There’s a lot of photo bloggers that are dedicating their art to taking all photos from an iPhone. They even have a name for it now, called iPhonography.

It has nothing to do with a phonograph – and everything to do with taking amazing photos using nothing but your texting device. 🙂

According to the iPhonography Wikipedia page, photojournalists have been using iPhones to capture award-winning images.

If it’s good enough for journalists, it’s good enough for bloggers. And since it’s such a popular art form, there are online communities of iPhonographers who can help you learn the ins-and-outs of capturing high-quality images from your iPhone.

Benefit #3: It’s Highly Portable

I often find myself debating whether or not to take my T3i with me when I travel. Recently, I was asked to bring it to a conference in Boston so my team could take some high quality photos.

Of course, I’m going to take it – but I would much rather pull out a selfie stick and my iPhone. I’m almost positive the photos will be just as good.

Packing and toting a DSLR camera can be a pain.

If you want to get all the benefits of a DSLR, you need the lenses to go along with it. Then, you have batteries, and battery charger. You have microSD cards to keep track of.

Then, if you want to snap a video, you need a really good external microphone or the audio is just going to sound nasty.

It’s very easy to imagine an entire suitcase for my DSLR gear.

With an iPhone, it’s maybe a few extra things in my laptop bag. I don’t really have to worry about battery life, and if I do opt for extra lenses, they are tiny and very portable.

Benefit #4: The iPhone Camera is Easier to Master Than a DSLR

I can take pretty good photos with my DSLR. I will even sometimes think, “wow, that’s a good picture.”

But, with that said, I spent hours and hours watching videos on how to focus, how to set aperture, shutter speed, and white balance. There’s a lot that goes into it.

If you’re going to use the “auto” mode on your DSLR… well, you might as well buy a much cheaper digital camera. No, wait, those cheaper versions aren’t even as good as the iPhone!

Yeah, it took a long time to make that point, but an iPhone is pretty much point and click. If you need to focus on a certain area, you tap on it with your finger.

Even with the extra lenses and apps, mastering the iPhone camera is not nearly as involved as a DSLR camera.

What’s more… after mastering all the settings on a DSLR, photographers are usually the only ones who can tell a difference.

When you’re taking photos for your blog (unless maybe you’re a professional photographer) the iPhone will save you time. And you would rather be blogging than learning a camera, right?

I thought so, too.

Benefit #5: It’s Instant Blog Photos on Demand

I live in Seattle, and our apartment has a really nice rooftop deck. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone up there to find an absolutely breathtaking sunset only to think, “man, if I had my camera.”

Of course, what that means is, if I had time to go down, get my batteries, SD card, lens, and camera… and tripod for lower-light photos…

Then I need to come up, setup, get my white balance right, make sure I have the right aperture and shutter speed. Take several photos and try to adjust the settings using the tiny little screen on the back…

Yeah… it’s probably going to be sunrise before I get ready to take a photo. (little exaggeration)

On the other hand, if I’m a blogger that needs a photo of a sunset for my next post… I whip out my phone, tap around to get the right focus, and then click. I’m done.

That photo is now in the iCloud, and when I go to my computer to hammer out my next post, it’s already there waiting on me.

The Best Camera for Blogging

So there you have it, 5 reasons you should consider using your iPhone to take all your blog photos and videos.

Ultimately, for blogging, it’s the content around your photos that matter most. This is probably the number one reason to use an iPhone instead of a DSLR camera for blogging. You don’t want to spend your time on the photo, you want to spend your time on the content.

But it’s the photos that capture attention and increase engagement of that content. If the photo isn’t good (or if it’s a rotten stock photo) people aren’t going to read your post anyway. Well, at least 94% wont.

So if you’re still on the fence about what camera to use for your blog images, give your iPhone a try for a while. Buy a telephoto lens and download one of those apps.

See what kind of amazing photos and videos you can create with your phone, and go from there.

If you find limitations in what you can do with your photos, and those limitations are critical to your blog – by all means, upgrade to a DSLR.

But for most bloggers, the best camera for blogging is going to be the iPhone.


  1. anybody know of any good resources for learning photography on your own? books? blogs? free online classes? youtube channels? thanks!

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