The 9 Best Time Management Apps for Bloggers

Does this sound familiar?

“I don’t have time to blog regularly!”

If you’ve ever said (or felt) that way, you’re definitely not alone. Time is the most common reason bloggers flounder.

It doesn’t matter what your intentions are, if you fail to manage your time so that you have windows where you can dedicate your time to writing, your blog will suffer. You’ll have all kinds of hopes and ideas for your blog, but you’ll turn around in two weeks and realize you’ve written nothing. Zilch!

Two months later, your blog is just something you thought about doing once.

I’ve been there, too!

Time management is essential! And these apps are really going to help you bring time management back into the realm of possibility. Let’s dive in and look at the 9 best time management tools bloggers should start using right away.

Best Time Management Apps for Bloggers

Rescue Time

This app runs in the background of your computer, allowing you to see where you spend (or waste) your time. If Facebook is killing your blog, this app will blow your mind!

Focus Booster

If you’ve never used a Pomodoro timer, you owe it to yourself to try it out for a week. This timer will be really useful.


Toggl is a minimalistic timer – if you want to time yourself on activities, this app will be the fastest, easiest way to do it.


This is a mobile app that allows you to time your tasks, and much, much more. The reports alone are worth it.

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Eternity Time Log

This mobile app is not just to track tasks or work activities. This app can track how you are spending your life. Another iPhone time tracker not just for work. It allows you to track how you’re spending your life.

If you want to extend time management outside of work, this app is worth a look.Another iPhone time tracker not just for work. It allows you to track how you’re spending your life.


If you need to track your time or your teams’ time for business or billing, this app is worth a look. It integrates with a lot of apps, and allow you to simply log your time by the app, and stop manually entering time into spreadsheets or billing software.


This app, like Rescue Time, runs in the background and logs your time based on your activity. It’s invisible, monitoring how much time you spend active in productive apps, and when you drift into time-wasting apps. It stays in the background until the end of the day when it gives you a productivity report.

Office Time

Office time is a good app if you freelance or work for clients based on a timed project. Not only does it track your time and efficiency, but it also tracks your expenses. If you need to bill clients based on time, check out this app.

Ultimate Time Management

Steven Pressfield wrote in his book, The War of Art, that the ultimate battle for a writer is focused time. “Writing is not the hard part,” he says, “the hard part is sitting down to write.”

Time spent on the wrong things is what Pressfield call Resistance.

It’s that evil arch enemy of the creative, to spend our time doing tasks around blogging without actually blogging.

We can work on our logo.

We can edit our WordPress theme.

We can tweak our widgets.

But when it comes to writing… we’ll do that once everything else is done.

But when you rank the order of importance on your blog, writing is the most important thing you can do. It’s a must, not an extra.

A pretty blog is a luxury.

Writing for your blog is a necessity.

A blog without content is a parking lot. That’s why you need to leverage the usefulness of these time management apps.

When you set aside 30 minutes to blog, spend that time writing. Don’t spend it taking care of a lot of unessential tasks that “need to get done.”

If you can master that small thing, you can have a great blog.

Your Turn

What time management apps or techniques do you use to maximize your blogging time? Let me know in the comments!

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